A Professionals Guide to: Assisting Families in Creating Play Environments for Children with Disabilities


U.S. Department of Education (ED)
Susan Mistrett

Co-authors: Shell Lane, Amy Goetz

This play guidebook is part of the Let's Play! Project conducted from 1995-2000. The Let's Play! Project was federally funded to identify ways to assist families in promoting play in their young children with disabilities. In Let's Play!, the keys are in promoting play through access to play materials, and by using assistive technology (AT) to give the children this critical access. 

The guidebook is intended to assist individuals who provide early intervention services to children with disabilities and their parents in promoting play in children’s lives. The importance of play cannot be over-emphasized; it is what children to - how they learn. When play is limited, the ability to learn and develop the skills and attitudes of accomplishment associated with play are also restricted.

The manual looks to provide ideas and strategies in the use of assistive technologies to promote the playfulness of young children with disabilities. It is intended to promote the creation of play environments that reflect the interests and abilities of the children they work with. 

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