Public Recreation: Engaging the Community through Mobile Programming / Enjoy Your Park - Be Mobile

Deb Maxwell

Speakers: Deb Maxwell, Jodi DiCastri, Sari Suomalainen

In 2009, as a pilot project, the Town of Cochrane acquired a decommissioned ambulance that was transformed to become the Fun Van. In its infancy, the Van was a polka-dotted “community cruiser” that showed up at events. It became recognizable as their Team’s vehicle to deliver fun. In this session, their recreation professionals share a template for the outreach program including a presentation of photos, event modules and examples of how to bring mobile programming to the community.

Sari Suomalainen introduces a new dimension of parks that have been used in public parks and recreational areas in Finland. There, they have integrated mobile devices into learning processes. Lepaa Virtual Park (in Finland) consists of landscape development issues, historical stories and plant identification. Using the new Junaio mobile application they can show landscape development on top of the current view with the use of old photos and maps. Interactive parts such as a guestbook and live webcamera, can be included, and content can be in any desired language.

Presentation from the 2013 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Energize Workshop

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