Public Recreational Spaces Allocation - Burlington


The City of Burlington (City) is committed to a fair and balanced allocation of public recreational spaces (facilities). The Public Recreational Spaces Allocation Policy (Allocation Policy) and the Parks and Recreation Department (Department) approved Facility-Allocation Procedures (Allocation Procedures) will be guided by the principles and practices set out in the Allocation Policy. Allocations will ensure the fair and balanced distribution of the City’s facilities in compliance with the City’s Leisure Services Policy, Community Development Policy, Gender Equity in the Allocation of Public Recreational Spaces Policy (Gender Equity Policy) and related policy requirements, strategic priorities and operational procedures. The allocation of Public Recreational Spaces will maximize the utilization of facilities and be approached in a consistent manner while being responsive to community need.

See also Appendix II of the 2009 Draft Parks, Recreation and Cultural Assets Master Plan.

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