Re-Imaging Multicultural Cityscapes For Leisure Consumption: Approaches To Revitalization in The UK and Canada


Canadian Congress on Leisure Research
Stephen Shaw

This paper examines revitalization initiatives that trade upon ethnic and cultural identity as a backdrop for leisure consumption. The results show that although the context may be different, similar issues have arisen in both the UK and Canada where special-purpose agencies have been set up to facilitate collaboration between city governments and local organizations - especially ethnic minority business associations - to nurture an emerging leisure economy. In various ways, partnership initiatives have developed and promoted the attractions of inner city areas to visitors from the majority culture, and in some cases international tourists. Opportunity for residents and more broadly based, non-business interests to participate in the planning process has, however, varied considerably, and it is often hard to assess the extent to which such representation of cultural identity is based upon consensus among the 'host community'. Published in 11th Canadian Congress on Leisure Research.

PDF icon Re-Imaging Multicultural Cityscapes For Leisure Consumption

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