Rebuilding After a Natural Disaster: HANAFU / Canterbury Earthquakes


Parks and Recreation Foundation, Japan
Toru Minegishi

Speakers: Toru Minegishi (JPN), Derek Roozen (NZ-Christchurch City Council)

  1. HANAFU: Harmony with Nature for the Future. The Great Earthquake and tsunamis that occurred on March 11th, 2011 caused unprecedented damage to Eastern Japan. This presentation outlines the “Flower and Green tourism” reconstruction projects that followed, such as “HaNaFu”, short for “Harmony with Nature for the Future” in which narcissus bulbs were planted as a symbol of hope in affected regions. The therapeutic effects of “Flower and Green”, and the economic effects of this movement are discussed.
  2. Recovering from the Canterbury earthquakes:implications for parks planning and management. Major damaging earthquakes hit Christchurch, New Zealand in 2010 and 2011, and there is still an ongoing risk to life and property from further land collapse and rock fall coming from public park land on the Port Hills which lie to the south of the city. Parks and roads have been closed, and some owners cannot access their residences. This presentation discusses the change in planning for the Port Hills parks as a result of the earthquakes, touching on maintaining recreational access, natural landscape conservation, and recovery with consideration of safety for people within and below the parks.

Presentation from the 2013 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Energize Workshop


PDF icon HANAFUPDF icon Recovering from the Canterbury Earthquakes

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