Recreation and the Quality of Life in Saskatchewan: Detailed and Summary Report / Survey Presentation and Summaries


Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association

Recreation is important to quality of life in Saskatchewan. In this study, the impact of recreation environments (parks, paths, trails, playgrounds, facilities, etc.) and programs on quality of life for Saskatchewan individuals and communities is surveyed. 917 adults from across the province were asked to rate various statements on a 5-point scale or answer various demographic questions such as age or income. Overall, it was found that respondents feel that people in Saskatchewan have a very good quality of life and that recreation plays an important role in maintaining quality of life. Outdoor parks, playgrounds, and paths, indoor recreation facilities and organized recreation programs are rated widely available, valuable and of good quality. The benefits to the individual and the community are known and valued, in particular benefits to health and connecting to nature.

Attachments include the Full Report, Report Summary, Survey Presentation, Condensed Survey Presentation, and a Statistics Cheat Sheet summarizing the survey results.

See also promotional posters available for download following the url link.

PDF icon Full reportPDF icon Summary reportPDF icon Survey PresentationPDF icon Survey Presentation - CondensedPDF icon Statistics Cheat Sheet

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