Report of the Working Group to Address the Calls to Action of the TRC


Northwest Territories Recreation & Parks Association

In January 2016, the NWT Recreation and Parks Association Board of Directors formed a working group to explore how the organization might best approach the findings and recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC). The members of the working group are Cynthia White, Jill Gilday, Tony Devlin, and Jess Dunkin.

At present, there are few recreation organizations that are publicly engaging with the TRC, though some such as ARPA are beginning to explore the relationship between reconciliation and recreation. While this provides a unique opportunity for the NWTRPA, it also means there aren’t really any blueprints or best practices to follow. This report captures the working group’s initial thoughts on recreation and reconciliation, and offers some preliminary suggestions for how we might, as an organization, embody the tenets of the TRC. We welcome the Board’s feedback.

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