Reviving Children’s Active Free Play / Gyro Club Playgrounds


Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation , University of Alberta
Nicholas Holt et al

Speakers: Nicholas L. Holt, Paulina Retamales, PearlAnn Reichwein

  1. The purpose of the presentation "Reviving Children’s Active Free Play" is to examine issues relating to children’s active free play research. A review of literature is included. Factors influencing play, such as safety, access to resources, urban design, peers, and active transportation are examined. Strategies for reviving active free play are presented, with a specific focus on the notion of increasing “eyes on the playground,” and providing a sense of supervision, which addresses perceived safety concerns that limit play.
  2.  Gyro Club Playgrounds and Children’s Recreation in Edmonton, Alberta: Outdoor Play, Civic Life, and Urban Reform, 1922-1950 provides a historical perspective.

Presentation from the 2013 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Energize Workshop

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