The Stages of Recreation Facility Planning and Design

Matthew Delean

Co-Presenters: Matthew Delean, Principal, Architecture49 Inc., and Jim Morgenstern, dmA Planning and Management Services 

Recreation facility planning, design and construction can be daunting. This presentation steps through the process with experts. It looks at how needs assessments and feasibility studies connect to schematic and detailed designs and shares successes and lessons learned, particularly about moving between the planning and architectural stages. It looks at the pros and cons of alternative delivery methods, including Design-Build and the traditional Design-Bid-Build. Presenters use case studies to illustrate project stages and highlight the importance of a collaborative team involving the planner, architect, builder, client and community stakeholders. 

A presentation from the 2015 Parks and Recreation Ontario Educational Forum and Trade Show

PDF icon Stages of Recreation Facility Planning and Design

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