Sweat is the Best Antidepressant: Video, highlights & slides from 2016 Physical Activity Forum

Video, 117 minutes, and slides. At the recent 2016 Physical Activity Forum, Dr. Guy Faulkner provided an overview of the evidence highlighting the benefits of physical activity on the prevention and treatment of depression. Evidence shows that physical activity is as effective as psychological or pharmacological treatments and is another evidence-based option for patients and treatment providers to consider.

An overview of this evidence was presented, followed by considerations of how such evidence has informed clinical practice and challenges that have slowed down the translation of evidence to practice.

See also Dr. Faulkner's Wellspring article, Sweat is the best antidepressant: But where do we go from here? It notes that physical activity can prevent and treat mental illness, as well as improve overall well-being. The exact dose-response relationship between physical activity and depression is unclear, although following the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines seem to be an appropriate amount for the prevention of depression. Health professionals have an important role to play in establishing inter-professional collaboration to move forward the use of physical activity for prevention and treatment.

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