A Systems Approach to Park Planning

Heather Lazaruk

Co-Presenters:  Robin Schmidt and Heather Lazaruk

A part of Alberta Parks’ vision is to connect people with nature through effective park management. Taking a systems approach to planning and management allows the parks program to rationalize that vision through an understanding of the significance of each site from both a conservation and recreation perspectives and provide direction for implementing that vision on the ground. New systems frameworks and Regional Parks Plans are examples of proactive planning tools that bridge the gap between the system-wide perspective and site-specific management, and help the public understand the significance and role of each inter-related site. This workshop explores how these applied systems approaches can help to provide direction to manage, facilitate or develop activities, infrastructure and programs based on an envisioned visitor experience.

Presentation from the 2015 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Parks Forum

PDF icon A Systems Approach to Park Planning

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