Using Employee Appraisals to Improve Performance: Study


Canadian Congress on Leisure Research
Clayton Jaquins

The purpose of this case study is to examine a summer day camp program from various angles including (a) the relationship between part time and full time staff, (b) motivation in the workplace, (c) training young/new supervisors, and (d) employee appraisals. The scenario is a summer day camp staffed by university junior and senior interns. Someone who was their peer the previous year supervises them. This person is having difficulty assuming a supervisory and leadership role and is quite upset about being left out of the staff evaluation process. Several discussion questions are provided to enable the readers to look at the situation from the mentioned angles. Anticipated outcomes include (a) develop a performance appraisal system for Kamp Kids, (b) learn how new supervisors should be trained, mentored, and empowered in a new position, and (c) gain insight into employee supervision, motivation, and staff relationships. This case study is designed for use in a senior level parks and recreation administration course. Published in 11th Canadian Congress on Leisure Research.

PDF icon Using Employee Appraisals

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