The Way We Green: EcoVision Annual Report 2009 / The Way We Green 2011


The Way We Green (2011 report) is the City of Edmonton’s environmental strategic plan. It sets out principles, goals, objectives and strategic actions and approaches for Edmonton to live in balance with nature. The Way We Green’s two main focuses are: (a) sustainability: our society’s ability to endure over a prolonged period as an integral part of Earth’s natural systems, and (b) resilience: the capacity of our city to withstand and bounce back intact from environmental disturbances. The plan’s 12 goals describe what ultimately must be accomplished for Edmonton to be a sustainable and resilient city.

EcoVision Edmonton® (2009) is Edmonton City Council’s vision for an environmentally sustainable city. This report presents the results of the implementation of action plans that have been developed within 17 priority environmental objectives and comments on the current state of each of the objectives in relation to Edmonton’s long-term environmental sustainability.

PDF icon EcoVision Annual Report 2009PDF icon The Way We Green 2011

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