Winnipeg: Urban Design - Presentations / StorefrontMB Report / Public Art Map


The Overview presentation (2014) looks at various aspects of Winnipeg's Urban Design Division: staffing, areas of the city, responsibilities, planning and development, etc.

The StorefrontMB report (2013) looks at various initiatives in its mission "to advance the awareness and appreciation of architecture, design and the built environment."

The Public Art Map provides details of progress to date on 21 projects

The presentation, the practice of urban design at the city of winnipeg, defines urban design, looks at how it is guided and at what is already being done.

The Welcome Councils presentation (2014) privdes introductions and looks at Organization, Policy Environment, the Ward Councillor’s Role in City Planning, Organization charts, relationship of the Urban Planning Division with other divisions, and more.


PDF icon Overvier - Urban Design DivisionPDF icon StorefrontMB reportPDF icon Public Art MapPDF icon practice of urban design - presentationPDF icon Welcome Councils presentation

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