Working within the Municipal Government Act from a Recreation and Parks Perspective

Rodd Thorkelsson

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) is the legislative framework in which all municipalities and municipal entities across the Province of Alberta operate. The MGA is one of Alberta’s largest pieces of legislation, containing 18 parts and more than 650 sections. The MGA provides the governance model for cities, towns, villages, municipal districts, specialized municipalities, and other forms of local government. It lays the foundation for how municipalities operate, how municipal councils function, and how citizens can work with their municipalities. This session provides an overview the aspects of the MGA that relate to recreation and parks including Municipal Reserves (MR), Environmental Reserves (ER), School Reserves (SR), Community Service Reserves (CRS), Off-site levies and the use of voluntary contributions.

Presentation from the 2014 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Energize Workshop

PDF icon D3 Working within the Municipal Government Act

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