A Workshop to Facilitate the Flow and Exchange of Research Knowledge in the area of Aboriginal Sport and Recreation

Tara-Leigh McHugh

Summary: There has been an increase in the number of research studies that have explored Aboriginal peoples’ meanings, barriers, and perspectives of sport and recreation. However, such research has yet to be adequately synthesized and, therefore, it is challenging for practitioners and knowledge users to move forward and create evidence-informed change and opportunities. Our current research is focused on synthesizing and communicating existing research knowledge about sport and recreation specific to Aboriginal youth.

This workshop is targeted at engaging all practitioners, researchers, and knowledge users interested in enhancing sport and recreation opportunities for Aboriginal youth. Within this workshop, participants are (1) provided with an opportunity to support the interpretation of findings from a recently conducted study that synthesized studies focused on Aboriginal sport and recreation, (2) identify key research questions regarding Aboriginal sport and recreation that merit further exploration, and (3) identify preferences for practical resources that could be developed from research findings.

Student Abstract presented at the 2016 Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference and Energize Workshop

PDF icon Flow and Exchange of Research Knowledge - Aboriginal Sport and Recreation

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