Risk Management

This is a collection of resources on risk management in recreation and sport, intended for use by professionals and volunteers. You will find risk management plans, waiver and consent forms, emergency policies and procedures, privacy and freedom of information resources, and much more.

Note: Liability resources and policies, such as waiver and consent forms (see note below), while included in this risk management collection, are gathered into a sub-section here.

The lists are quite long, so if you don't want to browse, go to the Recreation Database search page, where you can search by keyword, topic or population.

Resources for coaches and leaders are also available on the Ministry of Health Promotion web site: http://www.mhp.gov.on.ca/en/active-living/coaching/resources.asp

What’s on the horizon? Protect Yourself from Severe Weather in Manitoba's Provincial Parks

Brochure outlining how to ensure personal safety by looking for the signs, listening for warnings, and being prepared for different types...

Winnipeg Community Health: Preliminary 2013 Operating Budget

Shows the Preliminary 2013 Operating Budget - Service Based. Includes Community By-law Enforcement, Bicycle Recovery, Citizen Crisis...

Winnipeg Disaster Preparedness and Response: Preliminary 2013 Operating Budget - Service Based

Shows the Operating Budget and Performance Measurements for Disaster Preparedness and Response.   

Workplace Safety and Insurance Act: Plain Language Audit Tool for Ontario

The purpose of this Act is to accomplish the following: a) to promote health and safety in workplaces along with the prevention and...

Yukon Community Recreation Leaders Guide for Rural, Remote and Northern Communities

Yukon Government Sport and Recreation Branch (SARB) funded the development of the Yukon Community Recreation Leaders Guide to...


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