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 Healthier Futures Through Recreation
Recreation Nova Scotia Annual Conference


Advocacy - Speak Up

Recreation Nova Scotia conference presentation reviews lobbying, advocacy and the differences between them.

How many boxes do you count? AGM presentation, 2nd Annual Conference

Presentation on advocacy and Recreation Nova Scotia.

Managing Green Areas With Less in the Year 2000 and Beyond - A Millenium Challenge

Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners outlines methods for maintaining and gardening recreational areas in an environmentally-...

Proceedings from the Young and Active Roundtable, Halifax, NS September 1999

Inactivity of children and youth is an extensive problem. It also results in increased health costs. Physical activity is the simplest...

Understanding and Evaluating Partnerships - Government - not-for-profit sector partnership

Evaluation as part of the partnership but not an obstruction to the relationship.

What's Wrong With Our Measure of Progress?

Conference presentation by expert from General Progress Index Atlantic. Current measures using only economic measures (e.g. GDP) are...

Winter Green

Practical advice on introducing winter outdoor activities to recreation programs.
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