This document is designed to assist the Local Trail Sponsor in developing a Trail Patrol in their community. Each section should be provided to the trainer in order for him/her to use it as a guideline in training the volunteers.

The construction of an extensive trail system throughout the Province of New Brunswick presents the need to establish an effective and responsible method for monitoring trail activity. It is the goal of the New Brunswick Trails Council Inc. to establish a province wide Trail Patrol to provide Local Trail Sponsors with standardized training and resources to address this need. The development of the Trail Patrol Instructor's Guide is to facilitate the training of the Trail Patrol. The Trail Patrol volunteers will receive information on laws and regulations, tourism, public relations and crime prevention as well as training in first aid and bike maintenance and repair.

The function of the Trail Patrol would be to monitor activity along the trails, to provide first aid, minor equipment repairs, assistance, provide tourism information, and to encourage compliance with trail regulations and etiquette. The Trail Patrol will ensure that trail users are safe and enjoy the use of this world class facility.

The composition of the Trail Patrol will be primarily community-based volunteers and is encouraged to be a year round activity. The Local Trail Sponsor will need to determine the number of Trail Patrol volunteers needed based on community size, type of trail, length of trail, and the level of usage.

Currently the Provincial Trail Patrol Committee is developing a provincial logo and uniform that will identify Trail Patrol volunteers.


The New Brunswick Trails Council Inc. is an umbrella organization coordinating efforts of local trail sponsors to manage and promote trail systems in the province.

The Council will:

The Council is involved in several trail initiatives in New Brunswick:

The New Brunswick Trails Council Inc. is located at:

235 Main Street, Fredericton, NB, E3A 1E1.

Telephone 506-459-1931
Fax 506-458-5639
e-mail: [email protected]


Sentier NB Trail will be a 2000 km multi-purpose all-season recreational trail connecting communities throughout the province. Walking, hiking and cycling is permitted throughout the entire system with snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and dogsledding in specific regions.


The Trans Canada Trail is a nation wide trail connecting east to west. It is also a multi purpose trail with five core activities: walking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling (where possible/desired).


The International Appalachian Trail is a hiking footpath that begins at Mount Katahdin, Maine and enters New Brunswick at Aroostook and travels north to Mount Carleton and enters Quebec at Matapedia before ending at Forillon Park on the Gaspé coast.


The primary role of the Trail Patrol is to provide assistance on the trail. With their presence it is hoped that they will provide a sense of security on the trail as well as some tourism information.

Trail Patrol volunteers will:


Trail Patrol volunteers will receive training in the following areas:


COURSE OBJECTIVE: To provide the volunteers with an understanding of the role of the Trail Patrol, the NB Trails Council Inc., the trail system and trail etiquette. To provide them with an overview of the various forms and statistics that will be gathered throughout the season.

Training provided by a member of the Local Trail Sponsor group.







Contacts: Your Local Trail Sponsor members

Resources: New Brunswick Trails Council Inc. brochure, trail etiquette handouts, statistic and vandalism forms. These can all be obtained from the New Brunswick Trails Council Inc.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: To provide the trainees with some knowledge of the motor vehicle act update, bicycle safety traffic rules, procedures to follow in an emergency, crime prevention procedures and other relevant regulations.

Training provided by the local police force or RCMP




See Appendix A for a listing of Police Chiefs in New Brunswick
See Appendix B for a listing of District Commanders in New Brunswick



COURSE OBJECTIVES: To provide the volunteers with first aid training in order to bring assistance to those injured on the trail.

Standard first aid training to be organized with the St. John Ambulance or the Red Cross once a year. The course will train the volunteers in CPR and first aid. It is a 2 day course.

Red Cross:

Guy Boudrias

Greg Dunn

Sounaugh Coles

Dino Pasqaletto

St John Ambulance

Resources: The volunteers will receive a first aid manual that accompanies the course.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: The session will identify where tourist facilities are as well as inform the volunteers as to what events are happening in their area so that they are informed and can provide the information to tourists as well as local residents that they meet on the trail.

Training provided by a member of the Local Trail Sponsor, an individual from the Provincial or Municipal Visitor Information Center or the Recreation Department in your community.

Suggested topics to be covered:


See Appendix C for the Provincial Visitor Information Centers
See Appendix D for the Municipal Visitor Information Centers
See Appendix E for the Recreation Directors

Resources: New Brunswick Adventure Guide, City hall information, Chamber of  Commerce


COURSE OBJECTIVES: To provide the volunteers with some basic knowledge of bike repair in order to be able to assist someone on the trail as well as themselves.

Training provided by the local bike shop in your community or nearby community.

Suggested topics to be covered:

Contacts: local bike shops

Resources: Cyclist's Handbook Pedal for Safety, Cycle Safe!                                                       

The following materials are available to you at no cost to be used for distribution to the volunteers you are training.

1. Cycle Safe! by Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire
Child Protection Foundation
Box 770, Station K
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 2V8


A Cycle Safe Community Kit is also available. It includes: helmet measuring tape, booklets, discount coupons on helmets and cycling accessories at Canadian tire, event poster, 20 minute video "Gearing Up-A guide to Safe Cycling".

2. Cyclist's Handbook Pedal for Safety

Safety Education and Promotion
Room 570, York Tower, Kings Place
P.O. Box 6000
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5H1
(506) 453-3645


All Trail Patrol volunteers should have the following:

Cyclist should also have:



Trail Patrol volunteer name:________________________________
Assistance Provided:_____________________________________
First Aid:______________________________________________
Bike Repair:___________________________________________


Location: _______________________________________________


Describe the damage. Was the damage done to gates, trees, benches, signs, etc.?


Was the damage done by natural causes? If yes, what? _______________________________________

Was the damage done by a person(s)? _____________________________________________

Was the person(s) observed doing the damage? _____________________________________________

Do you know the name(s) of the person(s)? _____________________________________________


Location: _____________________________________________________

Time: _____________________________________________________

Name: _____________________________________________________

Number of cyclists? _____________________________________________

Number of walkers? _________________________________________

Number of horseback riders? _____________________________________


Data not included


Data not included


Box 12345
Sackville, NB E0A 3C0
Tel: 364-4090
Fax: 364-4073

St. Stephen
Barb Brown
101 King Street
St. Stephen, NB E3L 2C6
Tel: 466-7390
Fax: 466-7418

Rita Essiembre
P.O. Box 12345
Campbellton, NB E3N 2G0
Tel: 789-2367
Fax: 789-4920

Ken Eliott
109 Visitor Centre Road (Richmond Corner)
Off Route 95
Woodstock, NB E0J 2B0
Tel: 325-4427
Fax: 325-4478

Lucie St-Onge
P.O. Box 12345
Saint-Jacques, NB E7B 2J8
Tel: 735-2747
Fax: 735-2740


Dr. Mary Majka
Village or Riverside – Albert
RR #2
Albert, NB E0A 1A0
Tel/Fax: 882-2100
Call Before Faxing

Ms. Sharon Pollock
Albert County Tourism Assoc.
RR #1
Hopewell Cape, NB E0A 1Y0
Tel: 734-2471
Fax: 734-2252

Ms. Jennifer Henry
Bathurst Chamber of Commerce
275 Main Street, Suite 212N
Bathurst, NB E2A 1A9
Tel: 548-8498
Fax: 548-1127

Mr. Eugene Donovan
Blackville Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 38
Blackville, NB E0C 1C0
Tel: 843-6106
Fax: 843-2903

Ms. Bernice Price
Miramichi Salmon Museum Inc.
PO Box 38
Doaktown, NB E0C 1G0
Tel: 365-7787 (W)
365-7125 (H)
Fax: 365-7359

Mr. Wayne Knorr
City of Fredericton
Tourism Department
PO Box 130
Fredericton, NB E3B 4Y7
Tel: 460-2041
Fax: 460-2042

Ms. Marion Parson or Louie Butland
Village of Alma
PO Box 38
Alma, NB E0A 1B0
Tel: 887-6123
Fax: 887-6124

Mr. Clarence Griffin
Village of Blacks Harbour
PO Box 90
881 Main Street
Blacks Harbour, NB E0G 1H0
Tel: 755-4325
Fax: 755-4329

Ms. Aline Letourneau
Town of Dalhousie
PO Box 250
111 Hall Street
Dalhousie, NB E0K 1B0
Tel: 684-7600
Fax: 684-7613

Ms.Phyllis Stopps
Village of Dorchester and Westmorland Historical Society
PO Box 166
Dorchester, NB E0A 1M0
Tel: 379-6633
Fax: 379-1116

Ms. Beth Grasse
Kings Landing
PO Box 522
Fredericton, NB E3B 5A6
Tel: 363-5090
Fax: 363-5757

Ms. Emily McCoy
River Valley Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 707
Grand Bay, NB E0G 1W0
Tel: 738-3611
Fax: 738-8685

Ms. Patricia Lockhart
Town of Hampton Tourism Committee
PO Box 746
Hampton, NB E0G 1Z0
Tel: 839-2019
Fax: 839-2665

Mr. Richard Steeves
Steeves Family Inc.
PO Box 95
Hillsborough, NB E0A 1X0
Tel: 734-2615

Mrs. Dorothy Innes
City of Miramichi
141 Henry Street
Miramichi, NB E1V 2N5
Tel: 623-2150
Fax: 623-2261

Mr. Bill MacLean
Town of Nackawic
PO Box 638
Nackawic, NB E0H 1P0
Tel: 575-2241
Fax: 575-2035

Ms. Stacey Kelly
Carleton Victoria Tourist Assoc.
PO Box 655
Perth-Andover, NB E0J 1V0
Tel: 273-2601
Fax: 273-3273

Ms. Debby Saunders
Falls and Gorge Commission
PO Box 680
Grand Falls, NB E3Z 1C2
Tel: 475-7769
Fax: 473-9091

Mrs. Judy Dee
Town of Hartland
PO Box 358
Hartland, NB E0J 1N0
Tel: 375-4357
Fax: 375-8265

Mr. Chris Nason
Village of McAdam
146 Saunders Road
McAdam, NB E0H 1K0
Tel: 784-2293
Fax: 784-1402

Ms. Susan Killam
Public Relations & Tourism
City of Moncton
655 Main Street
Moncton, NB E1C 1E8
Tel: 853-3595
Fax: 856-4352

Mr. Ken Roberts
Town of Oromocto
Dept. of Leisure Services
62 Miramichi Road
Oromocto, NB E2V 1S2
Tel: 357-3333
Fax: 357-2266

Mr. John Sharkey
Plaster Rock Municipal
Tourist Park
PO Box 129
Plaster Rock, NB E0J 1W0
Tel: 356-6077
Fax: 356-6081

Ms. Sonia Wells
Port Elgin Village Office
PO Box 180
Port Elgin, NB E0A 2K0
Tel: 538-2120
Fax: 538-2110

Ms. Mona Estabrooks
Town of Sackville
PO Box 660
Sackville, NB E0A 3C0
Tel: 364-4967
Fax: 364-4977

Ms. Sue Corbyn
St. Andrews Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 89
St. Andrews, NB E0G 2X0
Tel: 529-3555
Fax: 529-8095

Ms. Shirley Elliott
Saint John Visitor and Convention Bureau
City of Saint John
PO Box 1971
Saint John, NB E2L 4L1
Tel: 658-2990
Fax: 632-6118

Mr. Bob Alston (Four Corners)Kings County Tourism Assoc.
PO Box 2214
Sussex, NB E0E 1P0
Tel: 433-2314
Fax: 432-2323

Ms. Sylvia McVey
(Train Station)
Sussex Chamber of Commerce
Town of Sussex
PO Box 1368
Sussex, NB E0E 1P0
Tel: 433-1845
Fax: 432-6116

Mr. Brian Frontain/Gina McNeil
Town of Riverview
30 Honor House Court
Riverview, NB E1B 3Y9
Tel: 387-2020
Fax: 387-7455

Ms. Jane Lee
Town of St. George
PO Box 148
St. George, NB E0G 2Y0
Tel: 755-4320
Fax: 755-4329

Ms. Sandra Roy
Village of St. Martins
St. Martins, NB E0G 2Z0
Tel: 833-2010
Fax: 833-2008

Mrs. Phyllis Stopps
Tantramar Tourism Assoc.
(Cape Tormentine)
PO Box 2122
Sackville, NB E0A 3C0
Tel: 379-6633
Fax: 364-8082

Mrs. Kelly Cummings-Brown
Woodstock Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 26
Woodstock, NB E0J 2B0
Tel: 328-3265
Fax: 328-4894


Monsieur Leonel Theriault
Village de Bertrand
CP 119
Bertrand (N.-B.) E0B 1J0
Tel: 729-2442
Fax: 726-2449

Madame Marthe Mallet
Association Touristique de la Peninsule Acadienne
CP 1010
Shippagan (N.-B.) E0B 2P0
Tel: 336-8831
Fax: 336-3057

Madame Evelyn Fournier
*Ville d'Edmundston
7, chemin Canada
Edmundston (N.-B.) E3V 1T7
Tel: 739-2115
Fax: 737-6820/ 737-6822

Madame Marguerite Leger
Authorite Portuaire du Cap de Cocagne
Boite 10, Site 4, RR # 1
Grande Digue (N.-B.) E0A 1S0
Tel: 576-9515
Fax: 532-6554

Madame Murielle Gallien
Village de Paquetville
CP 159
Paquetville (N.-B.) E0B 2B0
Tel: 764-5493
Fax: 764-2504

Monsieur Guy Leger
Club Rotary de Bouctouche
CP 278
Bouctouche (N.-B.) E0A 1G0
Tel: 743-7337
Fax: 743-7342

Monsieur Eric Hache
Ville de Caraquet
CP 5695
Caraquet (N.-B.) E1W 1B7
Tel: 726-2727
Fax: 726-2660

Madame Therese Hache
Village de Grande-Anse
CP 147
Grande-Anse (N.-B.) E0B 1R0
Tel: 732-3242
Fax: 732-3217

Monsieur Eric Hache
Village de Neguac
CP 106
Neguac (N.-B.) E0C 1S0
Tel: 776-8328
Fax: 776-3500

Monsieur Donald Hammond
Village de Pointe-Verte
CP 89
Pointe-Verte (N.-B.) E0B 2H0
Tel: 542-2606
Fax: 542-2638

Madame Murielle Sirois
388 ch. Old Route No. 2
Saint-Leonard (N.-B.) E7E 2M3
Tel: 423-3111
Fax: 423-3115

Madame Aline Arsnault
L'Association Touristique de Richibucto
CP 298
Richibucto (N--B.) E0A 2M0
Tel: 523-7114
Fax: 523-8196

Madame Andrea Comeau
Ville de Shediac
CP 969
41, rue Main
Shediac (N.-B.) E0A 3G0
Tel: 532-7000
Fax: 532-6156

Monsieur Lionel Castonguay
CP 50
Saint-Quentin, (N.-B.) E0G 1J0
Tel: 235-3282
Fax: 235-3353

Madame Cecile Rouselle
Ville de Tracadie-Sheila
CP 3600, Succ. du bureau chef
E1X 1G5
Tel: 394-4020
Fax: 394-4025


Marc Boudreau
Parks, Recreation and Tourism
P.O. Box 116
Bathurst, NB E2A 3Z1
Tel: 548-0410
Fax: 548-0581

Clarence Griffin
St. George/ Black's Harbour Parks and Recreation Department
P.O. Box 148
St. George, NB E0G 2Y0
Tel: 755-1025
Fax: 755-1029

Kelcy Kuhn
Bath, Bristol and Florenceville
Recreation and Parks Commission
P.O. Box 127
Bristol, NB E0J 1G0
Tel: 392-6797
Fax: 392-5211

Mike Soucy
Parks and Recreation
P.O. Box 100
Campbellton, NB E3N 3G1
Tel: 789-2888
Fax: 789-2898

Chantal Laviolette
C.P. 540
Cap-Pelé, NB E0A 1J0
Tel: 577-4157
Fax: 577-2880

Rodrigue Roy
Coordonnateur des sports et loisirs
C.P. 5695
Caraquet, NB E1W 1B7
Tel: 727-1703
Fax: 727-7719

Daniel Michaud
Village de Clair
C.P. 119
Clair, NB E0L 1B0
Tel: 992-0023
Fax: 992-0022

Gary Archibald
Parks and Recreation
P.O. Box 250
Dalhousie, NB E0K 1B0
Tel: 684-1200
Fax: 684-1204

Jean Gaudet
Loisirs et services commuautaires
253, rue Champlain, Suite B
Dieppe, NB E1A 1P2
Tel: 857-2083
Fax: 859-8522

Rino Cyr
Service des loisirs
8, 44e Avenue
Edmundston, NB E3V 2Z9
Tel: 739-2104
Fax: 737-6850

Glen Anderson
Recreation Facilities Manager
P.O. Box 240
Florenceville, NB E0J 1K0
Tel: 392-5525
Fax: 392-6143

Robert Mabie
Community Services Department
P.O. Box 130
Fredericton, NB E3B 4Y7
Tel: 458-8530
Fax: 458-9478

Gary Clark
P.O. Box 180
Grand Bay, NB E0G 1W0
Tel: 738-8457
Fax: 738-1824

Charles McCluskey
Parks and Leisure Services
P.O. Box 800
Grand Falls, NB E0J 1M0
Tel: 475-7700
Fax: 475-7771

Scott Daly
Grand Manan
Tel: 662-8109
Fax: 662-8737

Richard Malone
Town of Hampton – Leisure Services
P.O. Box 370
Hampton, NB E0G 1Z0
Tel: 832-6102
Fax: 832-7621

Kent Kuhn
P.O. Box 358
Hartland, NB E0J 1N0
Tel: 375-4222
Fax: 375-8265

Marc St. Laurent
Services des loisirs
C.P. 267
Kedgwick, NB E0K 1C0
Tel: 284-2160
Fax: 284-2859

Guy Chiasson
C.P. 58
Lamèque, NB E0B 1V0
Tel: 344-2246
Fax: 344-2296

Diane Schuldt
P.O. Box 299
McAdam, NB E0H 1K0
Tel: 784-1080
Fax: 784-1402

Gary Leslie
Village of Minto
19 Maple Street
Minto, NB E0E 1J0
Tel: 327-3383
Fax: 327-3041

John Copp
Miramichi Recreation Department
P.O. Box 250
Miramichi, NB E0C 1H0
Tel: 623-2311
Fax: 623-2306

Ian Fowler
Community Services Department
City of Moncton
100 Westmorland Street
Moncton, NB E1C 5B2
Tel: 853-3516
Fax: 859-2629

George Plante
Recreation Coordinator
P.O. Box 393
Nackawic, NB E0H 1P0
Tel: 575-2240
Fax: 575-2035

Denis Bujold
C.P. 129
Néguac, NB E0C 1S0
Tel: 776-8328
Fax: 776-3500

Jim Arbeau
62 Miramichi Road
Oromocto, NB E2V 1S2
Tel: 357-3333
Fax: 357-2266

Dan Dionne
P.O. Box 966
Perth-Andover, NB E0J 1V0
Tel: 273-6829
Fax: 273-1811

Michael Thébeau
Association Récréative de Petit-Rocher
C.P. 171
Petit-Rocher, NB E0B 2B0
Tel: 783-3644
Fax: 783-0839

John Sharkey
P.O. Box 511
Plaster Rock, NB E0J 1W0
Tel: 356-6075
Fax: 356-6081

Eric Haché
C.P. 89
Pointe-Verte, NB E0B 2H0
Tel: 783-7973
Fax: 783-8950

Dana Purton
Recreation Program Manager
Box 21085
Quispamsis, NB E2E 4Z4
Tel: 849-5021
Fax: 849-5159

Bob Clive
Leisure Services
30 Honour House Court
Riverview, NB E1B 3V9
Tel: 387-2024
Fax: 387-7455

Pierrette Robichaud
Services en loisirs
C.P. 70
Rogersville, NB E0A 2T0
Tel: 775-1206
Fax: 775-6544

Megan Lucas
Parks and Recreation
P.O. Box 631
Village of Gondola Point
Rothesay, NB E0G 2W0
Tel: 847-4093
Fax: 847-0702

Paula McCloskey
Recreation Department
P.O. Box 660
Sackville, NB E0A 3C0
Tel: 364-0420
Fax: 364-0427

Victor Richard
Village de Saint-Antoine, NB E0A 2X0
Tel: 525-2225
Fax: 525-9531

Bernie Morrison
Parks Department
P.O. Box 1971
Saint John, NB E2L 4L1
Tel: 658-2841
Fax: 658-2902

Line Daigle
Centre Récréatif
C.P. 220
Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB E0A 2Z0
Tel: 876-2454
Fax: 876-3477

René Sirois
Édifice municipale
Rue principale
Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, NB E0L 1G0
Tel: 445-2449
Fax: 445-2405

Françoise Thériault
C.P. 261
540, rue principale
St. Basile, NB E0L 1HJ0
Tel: 263-1310
Fax: 263-1306

Gaetanne Duval
Services des loisirs
75, rue commerciale
St. François de Madawaska, NB E1A 1A7
Tel: 992-0134
Fax: 992-0137

Yves Levesque
C.P. 150
St. Jacques, NB E0L 1K0
Tel: 735-4114
Fax: 735-4798

Donald Cassita
Services des loisirs
C.P. 390
St. Léonard, NB E0L 1M0
Tel: 423-7795
Fax: 423-7615

Roland Bernier
Sports et loisirs
Municipalité de St. Quentin
St. Quentin, NB E0K 1J0
Tel: 235-1951
Fax: 235-1952

Grant Sinclair
Parks and Recreation
Town of St. Stephen
Box 434
St. Stephen, NB E3L 2X3
Tel: 466-1064
Fax: 466-5558

Paul Boudreau
Services des loisirs
C.P. 969
Shédiac, NB E0A 3G0
Tel: 532-2421
Fax: 532-6156

Debbie Allen
Parks and Recreation
P.O. Box 1057
Sussex, NB E0E 1P0
Tel: 433-7210
Fax: 432-6116

Raymond Bourque
C.P. 3518, Succ. Bureau-chef
Tracadie-Sheila, NB E1X 1G5
Tel: 393-4018
Fax: 395-5899

Sana Nearing
Westfield, NB E0G 3J0
Tel: 757-8679
Fax: 757-8463

Donna Dickinson
Parks and Recreation Department
P.O. Box 1059
Woodstock, NB E0J 2B0
Tel: 325-2288

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