Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC)

Organization Sponsor: Sport Canada


Program Description

The Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) is Canada’s national voice for Aboriginal sport, which brings together the interests of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples. With branches across Canada, it has coordinated major events such as the National Aboriginal Hockey Championship and the Aboriginal Sports Awards. The Aboriginal Sport Circle's board of directors consists of 26 members from Canada's provinces and territories. The ASC has three main priorities: Athlete Development, Coaching Development, and Recognition of Excellence. The ASC adopts an athlete-centered approach to its programs; support for athlete development is of primary importance to the organization. Each year, we bring together Aboriginal athletes from across the country to participate in high performance competitions and training camps. These events are designed to offer promising young athletes the experience of competing and training in an elite, high performance environment.

Program Approximate Cost: 

In 2010-11, Sport Canada committed $634,000 to the ASC.

Funding Sources: 

Sport Canada

Strategies For Sustainability: 

The circle is a national multi-sport organization recognized by Sport Canada as the voice of Aboriginal sport. Sport Canada, the federal department responsible for sport, will underwrite the 1996-97 budget of $200,000.

Impact Of Program: 

The provincial government recently announced $1.5 million to the Aboriginal Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council whose funds are to: offset equipment costs to increase Aboriginal youth participation in sports, recreation and physical activity (SRPA)programs. to develop and deliver SRPA programs identified within each of the six Regional Action Plans, as produced by the Aboriginal Sport Regional Committees.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

The ASC was created through a national consensus-building process, in response to the need for more accessible and equitable sport and recreation opportunities for Aboriginal peoples.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

A national aboriginal sporting association is struggling for survival after its federal funding was cut off . .January 17, 2012. The ASC is seeking a well-respected leader with vision, strategy and integrity for the role of Executive Director promoting and demonstrating excellence in Aboriginal sport.

Length and Stage of Project: 

Established in 1995.

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