Before & After School Taekwon-Do Care Programs

Organization Sponsor: Tien Lung Schools


Program Description

Tien Lung schools are non-profit clubs dedicated to the quality instruction of the original scientifically-researched Taekwondo and its moral culture. Tien Lung's self defense and Martial Arts fitness and training centers offer programs that focus on personal development for all members of the family, of any age from 2 to 72, and all levels of physical ability. Discover the lifelong benefits of Martial Arts training:
Early Dragons
Early morning drop off before school
We take them to school in time for full day school and afternoon kindergarten
Taekwondo classes and activities for children in afternoon kindergarten
Daily Dragons
Afterschool care alternative
Daily pick up at school
Bussing included
Save money by combining after school program with Taekwondo lessons

Pick your children up after work
Children get their fitness after school
Lessons are finished before supper
Evenings are free for family and activities
Program Includes

Earning your black belt after school
Leadership & competitive programs
PD & FD days
Christmas camp
Spring Break Camp
Teacher’s Convention Camp
Camps ALL summer long
Program Benefits

Anti-Bullying techniques
Self defense skills
Increase fitness levels
Develop confidence, respect & self esteem
Improve attention span & list

* Flexibility, stamina and endurance
* Weight control
* Increased strength
* Balance and co-ordination

Self Defense:
* Physical techniques
* Street-proofing
* Self-awareness
* Saying "No!" to peer pressure
* Strategy to avoid the need for self-defense
Character Development resulting in:
* Improved academic performance, concentration and focus
* Leadership qualities
* Confidence and Self-Esteem
* Stress Reduction
* Temper Control
* Respect for self and others
Why Parents Choose a Black Belt School?
They know their children will:
* Learn to deal with bullies & conflict without fighting
* Learn solid self-defense skills & awareness
* Develop confidence to ignore negative peer pressure
* Become leaders, not followers
* Be surrounded by great role models
* Become fit & follow a healthy lifestyle
* Increase their attention span & listening skills
* Be a part of a curriculum dedicated to character building

Strategies For Sustainability: 

The schools offer a variety of program: Demonstration Team, Leadership Program, Competitive Program,Evening & Weekend Program, Before & After School Care Programs, Summer Camps & After School Care, Preschool- Mini & Little Dragon,Birthday Parties,Career Opportunities Instruction, Drivers and Management.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

The Tien Lung Taekwondo Club are Family Friendly Activites. The Objectives are:
1. To encourage and promote Taekwondo
2. To observe, practice and promote the Taekwondo tenets:1. Courtesy 2. Integrity 3. Perseverance 4.Self-Control, 5. Indomitable Spirit
3. To show respect to one’s seniors in rank and/or age
4. To never misuse Taekwondo
5. To be champions for freedom and justice
6. To build a more peaceful world
7. To honour Tien Lung Taekwondo Club and the Tien Lung Taekwondo Club Instructors with loyalty and support
8. To carry on martial arts tradition with respect and dignity
9. To lead by example
10. To share learning with others
11. To continue to grow mentally, physically and spiritually
Instruction focuses on the original style of Taekwon-Do developed by General Choi Hong Hi, founding father of the art.

Length and Stage of Project: 

The first Tien Lung School was formed in Edmonton in 1992.

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