Amazing Race for Youth

Organization Sponsor: Queens Municipality, Region


Program Description

Introducing kids to both their community and new recreational and leisure activities.
After promoting the program in all school within the area, 9 teams of 4 showed up the day of the race early Saturday morning. The whole day was spent on foot as youth were not allowed to accept any offers of transportation. Each team was provided with a map that consisted of 10-12 sites they needed to visit in order to complete the race. Tasks included Tennis, woodworking, playing instruments in a marching band, learning about the history of the local theatre, playing guitar, driving a golf cart with fatal vision goggles on and using infrared goggles while being lead by the local fire department. Teams had to visit each site and had the chance to earn bonus points through the competition which would help determine the winner ($300.00).

Funding Sources: 

The Region of Queen's Municipality

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Because of its outstanding success this event will turn into an annual event. Word of mouth will help ensure its sustainability.

Impact Of Program: 

Youth within the community were able to participate in activities that they would other wise not have taken part in. It also gave a chance for those youth who are not normally in organized sports to become a part and learn more about their surrounding area.

Evaluation Tools: 

The kids had a ball and were talking about how fun it was and how much they learned. This alone is enough to let us know that it was a success.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

By promoting it through the schools we were able to reach more youth, also offering the $300.00 dollar prize was what pulled the youth in, but what kept them engaged was the wide variety of activities being offered.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

We tried to offer another version of the race to younger children during the summer months, however not one team registered. We are assuming that this is because we were unable to get into the school and reach the children to help promote it. We plan on trying this tactic again in the fall.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This was the first year of the program.

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