Angry Gorillas -Cavemanstrong Kids Fitness Program ages (10-14 yrs)

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Program Description

Our mission is very simple: to help children understand the definition of health and fitness by pairing exercise and fun so that they can build habits to last a lifetime. While fun and games are important, our main focus is movement, strength and conditioning. Caveman Strong Kids works at getting kids stronger and healthier by incorporating modalities of gymnastics, bodyweight movements, and weightlifting. Gymnastics will help the children with strength and mobility and vestibular strength, weightlifting will aid in bone density, strength and self-confidence.

The kids classes are divided into different age groups according to their needs and maturity levels.This age group is all about building strength, endurance, speed, skill and confidence: it’s the perfect time to add strength-training especially if your child is in organized sports.Like the other classes we start with a dynamic warm up which also includes agility and balance and is specific to the daily program, we then practice a skill (planks, handstands, box jumps, hollow rocks) we follow with a lift/strength – olympic weightlifting, squats, deadlifts and presses (they must learn proper form and technique before adding weight). We always finish the class with some conditioning (5-10 mins) and a game.

Program Approximate Cost: 


Funding Sources: 

For programs outside the gym ( in schools or for community organizations ) funding is available.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

At Caveman Strong we are not an affiliate of any program. We are not a normal gym either. We are mix of many modalities that encompass only the best of each method. What you get when you buy a membership off of us is a membership to unlimited personal training or as we would call it – COACHING. The caveman way is all about natural foods to help achieve better health and the perfect physique.The staff at Caveman Strong refer to themselves as strength coaches but I see them as much more. They are teachers, mentors and role models.

Impact Of Program: 

From what used to be a small community gym has now transformed to a large community gym with new programs and a new location.With over 200 members, a strong kids program, team training, an Olympic Lifting club, community outreach programs and a facility on Cornwall Island – Caveman Strong is one the premier athletic training locations in all of Ontario.Caveman Strong now offers the biggest kids' fitness programs offered in the community, serving about 100 children according to Touchette.

Evaluation Tools: 

Evaluation of individual progress is one of the fundamental 5 steps.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Our Caveman Strong Kids program is designed to take the beauty and function of exercise and adapt it to the child’s unique and constant changing needs.Class time 30 mins – During this stage, children are developing more complex coordination skills.

At this age the kids already have a general understanding of health and fitness. Our emphasis in this group is technique, We start introducing some weight barring exercises provided they’re technique is 100% correct.

We start the class with a dynamic warm up, we then practice a skill, followed by a workout around 5-7 mins and always conclude with a team building game.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

While fun and games are important, our main focus is movement, strength and conditioning.The kids classes are divided into different age groups according to their needs and maturity levels.

Length and Stage of Project: 

May 2011. Caveman Strong use to be a Cross Fit gym. The owner developed his own philosophy and changed the name of the gym.

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