Arctic Youth Leadership Program

Organization Sponsor: Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC)


Program Description

The Arctic Youth Leadership (AYL) program was designed to provide Inuvialuit young people with an opportunity for personal growth and development through challenge and adventure. Building skills in teamwork, leadership, communication are part of the program, as well as building the confidence and resilience to use these skills in all aspects of one's life. Through the provision of these skills and attributes to young people, the AYL program is designed to enhance the opportunities that participants undertake in the rest of their life through the development of skills that contribute to their ability to be successful in a wide variety of pursuits.

The main goal of the Arctic Youth Leadership program is to empower youth: to enable them to discover and embrace their full potential, to support them as they develop the leadership skills they need to achieve it, and to assist them as they set realistic career and life goals.

Encourage the Discovery of Potential
Establish and Develop Critical Leadership Skills
Stimulate Interpersonal Effectiveness
Create Environmental Awareness
Promote Lifelong Learning

Programs include:
Youth Leadership Hudson Expedition This is an exciting two-week canoe trip for Inuvialuit beneficiaries where they can earn up to four high school credits with full participation!

Yukon Branch for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

Program Internship and the Expedition Internship.

Program Approximate Cost: 

For selected participants, all costs are covered including travel to and from your home community, i

Funding Sources: 

Air, AtCO Group, Norterra, Michael Shaw Foundation, IRC, IOFS, Chevron, Canadian North.
Nunasi Sponsors: Agnico Eagle, Canadian North, Katnak Association, Nasittuq, NCC Investment Group, Nunavut, Qikiqtaaluk Corp.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

The ATCO Group is pleased to have sponsored the Arctic Youth Leadership program for the past five years. This partnership has allowed for the Inuvialuit youth from the Inuvialuit Settlement Region to gain powerful tools, skills and successes to foster future leaders in their communities.
With the generous support of all of our sponsors, who have helped us provide this unique leadership opportunity for the Inuvialuit youth of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region,

Impact Of Program: 

For the past six years, the Arctic Youth Leadership program, with solid support from our sponsors, has inspired 61 Inuvialuit youth to develop and apply sound leadership and decision making skills while navigating the complexities of the Horton River. The success of the program has been widely recognized, and has led to the AYL model being used to develop a similar program in Alaska.

Evaluation Tools: 

The expedition evaluation will consist of individual interviews, group discussions and debriefings conducted by the program instructors at the completion of the program, prior to participants returning to their home communities. All individual program evaluation sheets will be delivered to the AYL Coordinator for analysis and reporting purposes. In conjunction with IRC and NorTerra's HR Departments, the AYL Coordinator will ensure annual tracking and follow-up of all participants to evaluate the impact this program has on individual career and educational choices.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

At the heart of the Arctic Youth Leadership program is the idea that by challenging ourselves, we learn more about our skills and capabilities. In so doing, we build confidence to try new things and enhance our ability to achieve in the rest of our life

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Research shows that a key determinant of people's success is their belief in themselves. The ability to overcome challenges, to work well with others, to communicate effectively, to take responsibility for one's actions, to work towards long term goals despite short-term inconvenience, and the ability to overcome challenges through innovation and change - these are the hallmarks of good leaders. They are also skills that can be learned and developed - setting young people up for future success.

Length and Stage of Project: 

The AYL program was started in 2004 by IDC with the goal of providing enhanced leadership opportunities for young people from the ISR

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