Around the World In FIve Days March Break Camp

Organization Sponsor: Windsor, Town (NS)


Program Description

Konichiwa, Kia Ora, Geia, Hola, Hello Explorers! this March Break, Windsor Recreation is traveling around the world and back in just FIVE days!!! If togas, pirates, snow, pinatas, and beaches are what you like, we have you covered! Campers, pack your suitcases and join us in exploring the best, each of the following places has to offer. Grades 2-6 Monday - MEXICO Spanish, Pinata, Maracas and more! Today is all about exploring Mexico. Grab your sombreros and come enjoy all that Mexico has to offer! Tuesday - JAPAN Have you ever wondered how people eat, dress and speak on the other side of the world? Well if so, you are in luck because we are going to be spending the day exploring all of that and more!! The highlight: Sushi made of candy!!! Wednesday - CARIBBEAN Beaches, grass skirts, sunshine. If we can't find it outside, we will have to bring it inside! Today will be filled with all that we love about warm weather. We will be exploring the ocean and looking for buried treasure! Come dressed as a pirate, we will be. Thursday - GREECE Did you know the first Olympic Games were played in Greece? That they used to wear togas all the time? We are going to celebrate the Olympics todday, looking at some of the games they used to play. Today we will all be going home with a medal! Friday - CANADA Day Trip!!! Paying tribute to the Olympics and snow sports, we are heading to the slopes to spend the day at MARTOCK! You can bring your own gear or rent at the hill. Don't forget your warm clothes.

Program Approximate Cost: 

$20 a day or $80 week

Funding Sources: 

Town of Windsor

Strategies For Sustainability: 

A different theme is picked each year but a having a municipality sponsor a program helps create stability in hiring staff each year and the quality of the physical space used.

Impact Of Program: 

This camp was able to handle 25-30 children and it was very well received.

Evaluation Tools: 

The feedback from parents was excellent. The camp was called awesome.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

The camp organizer had just spent the previous year backpacking around the world so the experience was fresh. A different country was chosen each day and the camp participants learn their names in the different cultures, dances, games, sports and how to cook.Local student from other countries attending Kings Edgehill also helped help.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

The only difficulty was at times trying to find the actually objects from the different cultures like origami paper, costumes. Since many of the same kids show up each year the theme is changed.

Length and Stage of Project: 

March break programs have been held for the past decade but this was the first time this theme was used.

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