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Program Description

B2ten is a privately funded, CRA registered, charitable organization operating as a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association
B2ten contributes to amateur sport and the greater good of society by:

· Providing training and preparation related services to elite amateur athletes.

· Investing in the development of Canada's coaches and service providers.

· Developing a legacy of enhanced sport, play and well-being.

B2ten invitees have delivered a long-list of World Cup, World Championship and Olympic medals for Canada.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about B2ten's approach is how subtle and effective it is. Most business sponsorships of athletes are shouted from the rooftops to try and drum up favourable publicity, and most of them come with lengthy lists of conditions. The B2ten approach is much less about publicity and conditions. How it works is simple: B2ten doesn't provide monthly or yearly funding to athletes, but instead focuses on providing specific, tangible goods and services to complement what athletes already receive and give them the resources they need to train and win. That "top-up" support has ranged from replacing Helen Upperton's bobsled to getting Brent Hayden high-tech starting blocks, a renowned coach and access to advanced video breakdowns to bringing together various athletes, speakers and motivational coaches for a retreat in advance of the 2010 Games. Amazingly, as recently as 2009, the organization wasn't spending anything on administration, instead relying on the donated time of people like Gauthier, Miller, Heil and accountant Andrew Parsons.

Government of Canada funding to Active for Life for 2013-2014. The announcement was made at the International Physical Literacy Conference, which is being held in Banff from April 20 to 23.

"Our Government is proud to provide funding to B2ten to support its Active for Life initiative," said Minister of State Gosal. "This funding is part of our ongoing support for not-for-profit organizations that work hard to encourage parents, children, and young people to stay active. We recognize the positive impact of physical literacy and of physical activity on health, education and other sectors in society, as well as the tremendous benefits of sport for individuals and communities."

Funding Sources: 

B2ten is privately funded by parties from across Canada who believe that sport, play and physical activity are fundamental elements of a dynamic and healthy society.

Through their generosity, donors wish to demonstrate that the private sector can make

Strategies For Sustainability: 

B2ten applies a business based approach to developing elite athletes.

Impact Of Program: 

B2ten has contributed to 18 medals– including 7 Gold, as part of Canada’s overall performance in Vancouver and London.By late 2008, the program had raised $2 million and was helping 18 different athletes prepare for 2010. 2009 saw it already making a massive impact, and the success of the sponsored athletes in 2010 motivated program leaders to expand the program through 2016 and work with Summer Games athletes as well.

Evaluation Tools: 

B2ten could have the formula for Olympic medals.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

This approach is based on three principles: Purpose, Innovation and Accountability.

B2ten performs a comprehensive analysis of each athlete’s specific requirements. We then deploy expertise, resources and services to eliminate limitations to success. Services vary from one athlete to another ranging from fully integrated programs to top-ups that fill the gaps in existing programming.We operate through volunteers and independent, open minded professionals across the country who deliver services and programming.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

B2ten believes that successful athletes can have a powerful and positive influence on society in general and young people in particular.

B2ten mentors the personal development of athletes. We encourage invitees to act as role models for an active, balanced and purposeful lifestyle.

We also encourage invitees to engage in greater good projects for the benefit of society.

Length and Stage of Project: 

B2ten was founded in 2005 by Dominick Gauthier, Jennifer Heil and JD Miller.

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