Backyard Olympic Mini Games

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Woo! Gotta love the games!
Backyard "Olympic" mini games are cool 'cause they're like early training for real Olympics. Junior sports, watch out! Here we come - ready for the competition and the awards!

We're turning our backyard Olympic mini games into early training for REAL Olympic Games... take a look...
The Wacky Walk Warm-Up: This isn't a race against the clock; just a fun five minute warm-up. Here are our ideas... but you're a kid, so you can make up your own wacky walk, too.

* Crab Crawl - walk on hands and feet

* Duck Walk - point toes outward

* High-Stepping - exaggerated high steps

* Knock Kneed - hold knees together, spread feet apart

* Moon Walk - ala Michael Jackson

* Pigeon-Toed - point toes inward

* Wobbly Gestures - bend, twist body with hands flailing

Badminton: SO early training for Olympic tennis, right?

Croquet: Just like curling, croquet takes skill, timing, and super aim to knock your opponents ball or puck out of the way.

Dodge Ball: Killer training for boxing, tennis, and other sports that need you to have quick reflexes and action.

Miniature Golf: Build a golf green! Sink a plastic cup (make holes for drainage); plant a tree or two; make a sand pit, shallow pond, whatever you fancy. Stumped? Professional sites. Note for Mom and Dad: The International Olympic Committee still recognizes golf as a sport even though it's no longer on the schedule.

Pool Volley Ball: Think water polo!.

Relay Games: Tons of relay race ideas here.

Rock Climb: Get a rock climbing wall or ramp or create an obstacle course in your backyard (climb over large rocks or picnic tables, under chairs, around trees, through a sprinkler, etc.) Combine climbing with two other events to create a Triathlon. (Yep, you're gonna need parental help!)

Rope Events:

* Jump Rope - Endurance here we come!. (Psst! Plus it's good footwork training for boxing and tennis.)
* Tug Of War - Awesome for team spirit and building strength in your arms and legs (weight lifting).
Indoor Mini Games

* Darts: Almost like archery. Us little kiddies need soft rubber suction cups until we're old enough to respect and handle the real darts. They're sharp!

* Table Games: Pool and Ping Pong (aka billiards and table tennis).

* Trampoline: Jump like a crazy kid outdoors or indoors. (Perfect training for the balance beam and vault.)
Artistic Mini Games

Rhythmic Gymnastics (perform all three to music)

* Ball: Use both hands. Throw, bounce or roll the ball.

* Hoop: Get out the hula hoops. Then rotate them around your hands or body; swing, throw and step through the hoops.

* Ribbon: Ribbon routines are beautiful! Flicks and throws form swirls, snakes and spirals. Just be careful! Forming knots during the routine means deductions.

Synchronized Swimming: Create fun and easy routines with balls and inflatable rings. Mom, Dad, you gotta supervise this one!
Hold a competition, don't forget to reward your Olympic mini game champions
We kids all love to be winners. Giving us medals or awards for winning the Olympic mini games makes it exciting! The Olympic spirit runs high and it's the perfect time for us to ham it up for the camera so you can make a scrapbook to track our progress and build memories. Plus, mini games are a great way for kicking butt in a buzzing kids world

Strategies For Sustainability: 

So I started this blog to help me create and focus on these awesome moments every day where I laughed, had fun, or felt loved, relaxed or indulged. By doing so, I hope to share some ideas with you on how to have more Chocolate Cake Moments in your life.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

What’s great about this family fun idea is you can spend a lot of time setting up and thinking about the challenges or you can just use what’s in your backyard already. Look through your garage to find some games and “obstacles” that you can use to create challenges for your kids and their friends. Use your creativity and make the games as silly as you want. (I think one of the challenges should be to wash the dog, but the dog gave me the evil eye.)Depending on your child’s interest or athletic abilities you can design a variety of challenges around speed, endurance, and special talents. If your child loves gymnastics, make sure you have some balance beam, cartwheel, or tumbling challenges. If your child loves basketball, get some hoops games going. The idea is to provide a variety of games that everyone will enjoy and have a chance at a medal.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

What is a “Chocolate Cake Moment”, you ask? Think about sitting down and eating a piece of chocolate cake. How do you feel? Happy? Indulgent? Relaxed? We all deserve more moments like this. However, I firmly believe that you need to plan and create opportunities for you and your family to have fun. Spontaneous fun is great, but it’s passive. I want to help inspire and stimulate you to have more fun with your kids and grand kids. They grow up so darn fast!

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