BASIC (Be Active Schools Initiative Challenge)

Organization Sponsor: Kingston, City

Organization Partner: Queen's University


Program Description

BASIC was initiated in September 2002 by [email protected], a partnership of 23 local organizations and part of Ontario’s Heart Health Program. Working toward sustainable elementary school physical activity policies, the project promotes 30 minutes of physical activity each school day, and facilitates this through awareness-raising, education and advocating for policy development. Activities to date include meetings of the medical officer of health and directors of school boards, advocacy letters, pilot program of 10 schools committed to providing 30 minutes of daily physical activity for all students, workshops, teacher meetings, ½ PA Day featuring Dr. Andrew Pipe, resources, Step Into Action pedometer program, participation on Healthy Education Active Lifestyle – a school board committee, and funding opportunities for schools.
Additional Partners:KFL&A Public Health Queen’s University Fitness and Lifestyle Centre
Kingston and Area Active Schools Action Team

Funding Sources: 

[email protected]
KFL&A Public Health
Queen’s University

Strategies For Sustainability: 

- Involvement of all levels of local boards of education
- Multi-faceted approach e.g. awareness, education including skill-building, policy advocacy
- Synergy with groundswell of concern re: obesity, and with political mandate to provide daily physical activity for students Fall ‘05

Impact Of Program: 

Short term: good
Long term: probably not so good, unless supported by administration of boards of education and Ministry of Education

Evaluation Tools: 

Spring 2003 and Spring 2004: Daily account of minutes of physical activity recorded on monthly calendars. Teacher questionnaire administered by Public Health Research Education Development (PHRED)
Spring 2004: Written feedback from principals, teachers, students and parents through PHRED.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

- Pilot schools were selected based on commitment of principals and teacher representatives to physical activity.
- Teacher involvement in planning and implementation
- Leadership and commitment of BASIC’s chairperson and committee
- Funding to enhance physical activity opportunities

Challenges To Meet Them: 

- Difficult for all teachers to incorporate physical activity into full curriculum… provided resources on how to do this, and opportunities for teachers to learn from each other
- Physical activity is not mandated by administration… keep administration in the loop, and offer expertise where indicated.

Length and Stage of Project: 

BASIC started in 2002, and has evolved from a being a pilot project involving 6 schools in 2003 and 10 schools in 2003/04, to providing opportunities for all schools.

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