Basketball Beginnings Summer Camp Program

Organization Sponsor: Basketball Beginnings Youth Organization


Program Description

It’s that time again!!! Basketball Beginnings is proud to once more offer summer camps.These are intense sport-specific camps that provide campers with the opportunity to experience individual development in their basketball IQ and talent. Both beginners and experienced players will benefit from the methods, atmosphere and delivery of our programs.

FORMAT: Each session last 2.45 hours per day for 1 week, and campers may participate in back to back sessions. Sessions are scheduled by age with a 2:6 coach to player ratio. Campers benefit from hands-on instruction which will inevitably assist in their personal progression in terms of strength, mechanics, and technique.

SKILLS CAMP: This camp is a great experience for players who want to improve their skills. The basics of the game and the skills required will be covered throughout the week. Game situations will be covered. Ages 6-17. FEE: $80.00

COMPREHENSIVE CAMP: Basketball Beginnings comprehensive camp immerses players in the sport, giving them focused, quality training that is essential to improvement. Participants will learn offensive and defensive skills, shooting techniques, ball handling skills. Emphasis will be placed on fundamental games skills while incorporating basic motion. Over the week, self confidence will grow along with skills and overall appreciation of the game. Ages 6-17. FEE: $80.00

ALL-PRO CAMP: All-Pro Camps concentrate on physical fitness conditioning, fundamentals skills, rebounding, conversion and team play. In addition, each player will be able to select areas of specialization which will allow concentrated instruction at his favorite positions. Players will learn in-depth knowledge of the game and his responsibility as a player in his particular role. Emphasis is placed on offensive/defensive skills. Ages 6-17, FEE: $80.00

Skills Camps Dance Camp
Fashion Arts Camp (new)

Basketball Beginnings is committed to raising the level of basketball and promoting awareness in Ontario. We partner with social organizations that work within organized structures to bring communities together; identifying and building common goals with youths as a group. We understand the importance of mental and physical conditioning and believe that becoming a good athlete should be a character building experience, not just in basketball, but in any sport. Our desire is for players to excel as athletes as well as individuals. Athletics, when properly coached, provides an environment where individuals can learn about themselves and about life. We promote life-skills development through the sport of basketball - our athletes are students first, and discipline starts by teaching the fundamental principles of personal conduct, self assertion and fair play.

Program Approximate Cost: 

$80.00 a week

Funding Sources: 


Strategies For Sustainability: 

We keep our programs simple and effective by setting specific and achievable goals and then monitoring the progress of these goals. Year round, Basketball Beginnings runs a variety of programs throughout the city. You can find us in the school boards conducting skill and homework programs during and after school, as well as in sports enrichment classes developing fine and gross motor skills for private organizations and daycare programs.
Most of our camps supply hot meals, snacks beverages, prizes, t-shirts and certificates. We partner with other youth organizations to offer evening community programs. We work with many charitable organizations
( e.g., Salvation Army and King Bay Kids) and are associated with Ontario Basketball.
Our programs are supported by the provincial school boards and among the few accredited programs offering instructional sports training as an integrated part of the school's individual curriculum.
Our Organization partners with York University Teachers Practicum program, whose students gain co-op hours tutoring children that attend BBYO after school homework programs which can be found in Toronto and Catholic schools in the GTA. We work within the child's curriculum and are in constant contact with school's teachers and principal monitoring progress.

Impact Of Program: 

Every year Basketball Beginnings aim to come into contact with thousands of children throughout the GTA. Our unique programs can be found in the Toronto and Catholic District school boards during or after-school. Our popularity is growing as teachers and parents are becoming more aware of the lack of physical activity among our children

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Our interests lie in facilitating engagements between the lesser-advantaged and the more fortunate youths in our communities; creating opportunities for a greater learning experience. Basketball Beginnings promotes a healthy and active lifestyle along with overall wellness. We make it possible for all children to attend any of our programs regardless of their financial position.

Length and Stage of Project: 

Basketball Beginning Youth Organization began in 2003 and has expanded yearly.


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