Black Friday Paintball Game

Organization Sponsor: Mersey Road Paintball


Program Description

This is once a year event held on a holiday weekend usually Easter. This is the biggest annual season starting game in the maritimes, with an attendance in the hundreds. It is held over the long week end so it is part of the holiday. You must arrive early and be well prepared, rubber boots, extra socks and extra layers to keep warm are a good idea. The game will be two 90min games with a break for lunch in between. All regular field rules are in effect, and a referee crew will be using 2way radios on channel 1. Players may use any other channel.

Program Approximate Cost: 

$10.00 plus paintballs require.

Funding Sources: 

Mersay Road Paintball

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Provide a quality field and affordable paintball supplies. Have lots of variety in the styles of games. Safety is monitored by referees.

Impact Of Program: 

This event attracts about 500 participants. It has been held since 2003

Evaluation Tools: 

Feedback from participants.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

This event is held rain or shine and a holiday weekend which helps attract the large crowds. People love the large turn out. They plan to attend this annual event.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

The weather can make it more difficult. Safety needs to be monitored constantly.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This event was began in 2003

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