Brahms Community Bicycle and Repair Club (BCBRC)

Organization Sponsor: Toronto Community Housing (formerly Metro Toronto Housing Authority)


Program Description

A neighborhood father was concerned when his son's bike was vandalized. As he repaired the bike, neighborhood children lined up to get their bikes fixed too. He realized that there was a need for this service and a lack of bicycles for the children in the community. Toronto Housing Authority also recognized the need for this service and allowed the BCBRC to use a garage for repairs.

Funding Sources: 

We receive financial support from the Canada Trust Foundation and the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto Foundation. The Toronto parks and recreation association funds two part-time staff positions.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Staff and volunteers are constantly seeking new and renewed funding

Impact Of Program: 

The club has provided children and their parents with an outlet for recreation, socializing and skill building. The Toronto police service and the Toronto Housing Authority believe the program has helped reduce local vandalism by providing a spare time alternative to youth. The club gives parents a chance to spend time with their children and meet other parents. A number of older youth have gone on to become leaders in Toronto Parks and Recreation Programs

Evaluation Tools: 

The continuous feedback from our participants, along with the never ending supply of bikes to fix!

Key Elements Towards Success: 

New and continued financial support

Challenges To Meet Them: 

The need for more community-based events: the club has expanded beyond its original mandate to include social activities. It organizes regular bike outings and holds an annual Christmas party, a safe-night party on Halloween, and a safety night for parents and guardians.

Length and Stage of Project: 

1990 to present

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