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Program Description

Bulldog is your one stop destination for fun and fitness for your whole family. a children's fitness facility offering kids' sports/fitness classes, summer camps and our one of a kind birthday parties. While maintaining our "kids first" focus, we have since expanded our programs to include adult and family fitness classes, making Bulldog a truly unique location where the whole family can come and play or workout together. We also offer a before and after school program, including transportation to and from local schools.
At Bulldog Interactive Fitness your membership or pass will give you all-access to our games, including: The XBOX: KINECT, the PS2 Game Bikes, Dance Dance Revolution, our kid-size Circuit equipment, a rotating rock climbing wall, a kids' play structure with slide, a full size gymnasium and many more.

Bulldog offers a wide range of services! From Birthday Parties, Summer Camps, PA Day Camps and of course our MEMBERSHIPS! ( Ages 8 to Teen ) Easy, Simple options are our goal, memberships are offered in many cost effective options; as one time Stay & Plays, 10 Sessions passes, 3 Month memberships and 12 Month memberships!

Program Approximate Cost: 

After School (until 6pm, extended care available) Full Time (5 days) $290/month Part Time (3 days)

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Strategies For Sustainability: 

Bulldog gives you the chance to participate in quality after-school programs that add in fitness as well as education! Parents can feel good knowing that your kids will have a safe place to improve their social, physical, and educational development. Whether your child is a rising young athlete or just needs to get a little more fit, Bulldog has a program that they will love!

Impact Of Program: 

Until recently, video games were the enemy of physical fitness. They encouraged you to park your derriere in a chair for hours. But surprisingly, video games have been turned into the new β€œit” workout, getting people off the couch and on the path to better health.Bulldog Interactive Fitness is Canada's first fitness franchise designed exclusively for youth. Using video games and other forms of interactive technology, along with specialized fitness and nutrition programs, Bulldog helps kids gain confidence and self-esteem. Child size equipment.There are currently seven other locations across Canada, in Dartmouth (NS), Toronto, Barrie, Thornhill and Guelph (ON), Saskatoon (SK), and in St. Johns (NL). Another one is coming soon in British Columbia and even one in Florida.

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Canadian kids and teens can now also enjoy the benefits of interactive workouts, with the new Bulldog Interactive Fitness for Youth. The program which has taken Canada by storm encourages fitness while having fun. Open to kids ages 3 to 15, the chain creates a fun atmosphere for physical activity, an important step to fighting childhood obesity.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Need somewhere that the kids can go before and after school where they'll have a great time, meet new friends, get lots of exercise and build self-confidence? Bulldog has you covered. Sign up for Bulldog's program and take advantage of the following benefits:
* Transportation to and from school in one of Bulldog's vehicles, including our awesome Bulldog Bus!
* Organized activities including sports, games and lots of dodge ball in our gym as well as supervised, interactive play on our video game equipment. Try our rock wall, x-box kinect, dance pads, game bikes and more, including our brand new climbing structure. Your kids will have a blast! This is not your traditional day care.
* Healthy snack is provided.
* Qualified staff that care about your kids and their development. Bulldog staff do more than supervise; we interact with your kids and participate in games with them. We take the time to get to know your children.
We are a licensed day care, so you know your kids are receiving care that meets and exceeds all government requirements.
* Flexible hours to meet your needs.
* All PA days are included for our full time after school members.
* Full time and part time options are available.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Bulldog's approach is to make fitness more fun than a standard adult-oriented gym workout. Its gyms are no jocks-only hangout β€” both athletic and non-athletic kids take full advantage of what her facility has to offer, "Some kids aren't really physical and this is a great way to get healthy." Bulldog gyms are battling youth obesity while providing an exhilarating experience, self esteem and good old fashioned fun!!!

Length and Stage of Project: 

Bulldog was opened in Barrie in 2007.

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