Camp Lone Cloud

Organization Sponsor: Scouts Canada - Nova Scotia Council

Organization Partner: Scouts Canada


Program Description

Scouts Canada, Halifax Region offers youth aged 8-15 years old an opportunity to experience an active outdoor program in a residential camp setting. The camp is open to all youth, some have been in cubs or scouts, but many simply enjoy camping on the island. The newly renovated camp is located only 20 minutes from downtown Halifax and just minutes from Bedford, Sackville and Dartmouth. The new cabins are built on the shores of Miller Lake and can accommodate about 60 younger youth and about 30 older youth during each weekly camp.

Camp Lone Cloud is accessible only by boat; this provides a safe, secure and adventurous environment for the youth. The Clipper transports our campers and staff to the mainland. Our summer program centers around waterfront activities, the appreciation of nature, camping, crafts, songs and wide games.

Program Approximate Cost: 

$300.00 a week

Funding Sources: 

Scouts Canada. Camp Lone Cloud Sponsorship Fund

Strategies For Sustainability: 

A wide variety of programs are available for the various ages. Four camp themes up to ages 15 including leadership and counselor training..The island accommodations were recently replaced with six new cabins that can sleep ten campers and two counselors each.At other times of the year, the facility is available for rental to non-profit and corporate groups. There now is a management board to oversee the camp.

Impact Of Program: 

The island can accommodate around 100 campers for each week. If not used by the scouts it is rented to other groups. Many youth who attended this camp say the skills they learned were unique and shaped their lives. This has been one of the longest and most influential camps in the province.

Evaluation Tools: 

Response from participants and clubs as well as this camp's development is being monitored by a management board.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

The fact that Camp Lone Cloud is an island makes it special. The boat ride is attractive and it makes the camp safer. It also has access to water activities. Being surrounded by water helps reduce bugs. This camp is supported by a large organization with a vision of the importance of outdoor recreation and nature.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

As technology has become such a big part of our lives the desire to be outdoors has diminished. With the return to increased physical activity and healthy living outdoors adventure has become more popular. Promoting outdoor activities and a relationship with nature has again become more popular.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This camp began in 1926.

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