Camp Wapomeo

Organization Sponsor: YMCA Yarmouth


Program Description

Welcome to YMCA Camp Wapomeo.We are rich in tradition, but constantly evolving to ensure
that all our programs are fresh, fun, and challenging.Our program includes:
Shoot a bow and arrow! Kayak across Lake
Fanning! Make your own candles! All campers
choose two skills to master during each session and
enjoy specialized instruction from qualified staff
every afternoon. Skill sessions include canoeing,
swimming, archery, drama and dance, outdoor living
skills, arts and crafts, and sports. Skills provide
campers with the opportunity to make personal
decisions, improve skills, gain con? dence, and
interact with campers who may not be in their hut.

Every evening campers pick from a variety
OPTIONS tailored for speci? c ages and
abilities. The focus here is on creativity and
the extraordinary. Senior campers might enjoy
a Hawaiian themed beach party, or a rousing
game of ultimate frisbee. Younger campers
might join a super secret spy society, or search
for the elusive Snipe – a mythical friendly bird known to wander the forest of Wapomeo!
Every Friday Wapomeo transforms itself with
a new theme! Campers and staff let their
imaginations soar on these magical days. Imagine
discovering the Pirate RedBeard washing up to
shore, dancing to real live bagpipe music during
the Highland Games, or chanting “Dip, Dip and
Glide!” on Lumbermen and Voyageur day.
Each hut will embark on an overnight hike or
canoe trip under the leadership of their skilled
counsellors. The focus is on safety, fun, and
adventure! Older campers might explore the rapids
at Trout Pool, while younger campers will never
forget making smores under the stars!

Program Approximate Cost: 


Funding Sources: 

Donations from local community individuals and groups.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

The basic program seems to be very successful one featuring skill development, theme days, evening programs, and outdoor trips. Weeks also vary in age groups and camp style. ONE-WEEK SESSIONS (7-14 YEARS)JUNIOR CAMP (7-9 YEARS) HIGHLANDERS – LEADERSHIP I – LIT VOYAGEURS – LEADERSHIP II – CIT .

Impact Of Program: 

YMCA Camp Wapomeo has provided the adventures of a
lifetime for campers since 1921. 88 years later campers continue to enjoy access to over thirty acres of majestic forest, beautiful rocky beaches, and natural wildlife.

Evaluation Tools: 

Feedback from campers and staff.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Great location which provides many water and land activities. Funding available for low income campers. Always changing and updating themes.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Providing a camp that is exciting and attractive to youth year after year. Making sure the programs stay fresh is a challenge. Having a lot of people involved to help create new ideas and be willing to try new things.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This camp began in 1921 and has operated every year,

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