Can We Help? program: County of Brant and City of Brantford - Access to Recreation for Low-Income Families

Organization Sponsor: Brantford, City

Organization Partner: Brant, County


Program Description

The Can We Help? program subsidizes recreation programs for children and youth up to age 18 in the County of Brant and City of Brantford. Any City of Brantford or County of Brant resident who feels that they are unable to pay the full registration fee for a recreation program is eligible to apply for funding. Subsidies are limited to two activities or programs per participant per session, depending on funding availability. Eligibility for assistance is based on the number of people in a family household, whether other assistance has already been provided for the current registration period, and whether subsidy funds are still available for this session. Those requesting assistance must set up a time with Parks & Recreation staff to determine eligibility. Ontario Works and Ontario Disability recipients automatically receive 100% funding.

Program Approximate Cost: 

Registration fees are covered.

Funding Sources: 

Funding is provided through the National Child Benefit Program. The funding covers the cost of registration fees for program participants as well as advertising and promotion of the program

Strategies For Sustainability: 

The Can We Help? program is offered in partnership with the City of Brantford Parks & Recreation Department, County of Brant Parks & Recreation and the National Child Benefit Program.

Impact Of Program: 

In 2007, 460 people accessed Can We Help. The program continues to attract new users as well as a steady number of repeat users each program session.

Evaluation Tools: 

No formal evaluation is conducted.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

This program removes the financial barrier – by providing subsidies to increase access to recreation programs for children, youth and families.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Promotion and administration of the program. This program is promoted through: • local newspapers; • program newsletters; and • County of Brant and City of Brantford Parks & Recreation Program Guides. It is administered prior to course registration.

Length and Stage of Project: 

January 2001 to present.


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