Captain Spry Community Center Summer Camps - A High Five Success!

Organization Sponsor: Captain William Spry Community Center

Organization Partner: Halifax Regional Municipality


Program Description

The Captain Spry Community Center has been offering summer camps for children the past 25 years. About 500 kids attend these camps. This HRM community center started training staff in HIGH FIVE during the first two years of the Nova Scotia pilot in 2002. The summer manager who had taken this position before HIGH FIVE training began and continued to work for 7 more summer sessions after HIGH FIVE training became part regular staff training , witnessed a dramatic change in the quality of their summer camp program:
The HIGH FIVE concepts made it much easier for the summer staff to develop higher quality programs. It was like having a road map. The staff also were able to work in better harmony because the standards of interpersonal relationships were clearly defined. Over time as the staff were able to master HIGH FIVE concepts the summer manager saw the enthusiasm of the children increase. More and more children wanted to return each season. This resulted in greater satisfaction on the part of the parents. The number of complains and dissatisfaction reduced significantly and the camps are every summer filled to capacity. Here is an example to the themes of the camps.

Globe Trotters
Mystery Mania
Out and About
Go Green!
The Artist in You
Fun in the Sun
Let’s Be Dramatic

Program Approximate Cost: 

$85.00 per participant per week.

Funding Sources: 

Halifax Regional Municipality, HRM Kids

Strategies For Sustainability: 

These camps are subsidized by the city and the standards are high in terms of summer staff ratios to participant, training, equipment and supplies. There is also a great variety of activities offered such swimming, outdoor events, day trips, sports, crafts and performing arts.

Impact Of Program: 

The summer camps at Capt Spry Community Center are filled to capacity. There is also a high degree of stability of summer staff. Many return year after year until their graduation and they start full time career employment. There is also a high degree of parent satisfaction and long line ups to sign up their kids.

Evaluation Tools: 

Quest evaluation are done on a regular bases.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

HIGH FIVE training and quest evaluations has lead to an all round better quality experience for the children. The recreation facility has also had beautiful renovations and upgrading to the building indoor and outdoor .

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Summer staff are challenged each year to stay up to date with trends in programming, to provide as much diversity and variety as possible. The HRM summer staff are hired a month in advance to allow time for training and the creation of camp themes.

Length and Stage of Project: 

These camps began in 1985.

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