Choose- Healthy Choices for Healthy Communities

Organization Sponsor: Northwest Territories, Government


Program Description

Choose is the Government of the Northwest Territories’ stamp of approval on healthy choices you can make.

Choose is the public face of the Healthy Choices Framework, a GNWT-wide approach to encouraging and supporting NWT residents to make healthy and safe choices, consistent with the 16th Legislative Assembly’s goal of fostering healthy, educated people.

The Choose bear paw marks important choices that can be supported and encouraged around:

•Healthy Children and Families
•Mental Wellness
•Injury Prevention
•Healthy Sexuality
•Living Tobacco Free
•Healthy Eating
•Physical Activity

These are some of the programs:
Active After School, Be a Friend to Me and My Baby – Preventing FASD, Child Occupant Restraint Program, Don’t Be a Butthead , Drop the Pop ,Get Active NWT, Healthy Families Program,
My Voice, My Choice , Not Us!, NWT Quitline , Recreation and Sport Contributions , Regional Youth Sport Events, Regional Youth Sport Events,Respect Yourself , Smokescreening , Traditional Dene and Inuit Games,What traditions are you passing down? Youth Ambassador Program , Youth Centres Program, Youth Contributions Program , Use Your Head ,
Volunteer Organization Development Fund, Watch, Prepare and Train , Youth Corps Program

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