Christmas & New Year Party Paintball Party

Organization Sponsor: Storm Warning Paintball


Program Description

Storm Warning would like to thank all our customers and Happy Holidays.There are many youth with not much to do over the holidays while their parents are busy with work parties or holiday preparations. This is a perfect outlet for them. To celebrate these occasions with our customers we would like to have a party on Dec 27, 2009 at our Indoor facility. Time 1100am – 6:00pm No field fees. Free Pizza & Soft Drinks. With lots of exciting games to be played and plenty of paintballs to be shot this should be a Blast. Please sign up ASAP this will let us know how much food and drinks will be needed. Storm Warning Paintball is a great place for those who own their own gear and for those who have never played before but would like to give paintball a try. We can accommodate all players and group sizes. Nearly anyone can play paintball, Like any sport there is a certain amount of physical activity. Paintball is more of a game of planning, strategy and teamwork. This element virtually puts everyone on equal basis. These players range from young & old, male & female

Program Approximate Cost: 

500rds of paintballs-$20.00

Funding Sources: 

Storm Warning

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Our employees and referees are highly trained on the sport of paintball and have almost 40 years of combined experience in the paintball business. Our equipment is maintained to the highest possible level, no one maintains paintball markers, goggles or playing fields better than we do at StormWarning.

Impact Of Program: 

This event is book every year. The food is free and their are no filed cost. Just have to pay for paintball.

Evaluation Tools: 

Feedback from Customers

Key Elements Towards Success: 

The most important reason for our long history of success is our high quality of service at an affordable price. It’s our tradition to strive for excellence and we are continuing to provide the best customer service in the business. Unlike many of our competitors we are not hobbyists. We have a full time, year round staff that is dedicated to putting your needs first. Our Facilities are built to the specifications and needs of our players. But if tournament style fields are what you want, we have those too

Challenges To Meet Them: 

This is indoor paintball so it is not dependant on the weather. .

Length and Stage of Project: 

Storm Warning Paintball has been providing groups and individuals with unforgettable days of action and adventure since 1998.

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