Community School Coordinator

Organization Sponsor: Wolfville School


Program Description

The community school coordinator acts as a liaison between the town and the students of Wolfville School. Having the coordinator's office located within the school walls, students are able to access their very own recreation programmer on a daily basis who is there specifically for their needs. Students are able to not only have their ideas heard, but also help implement them with the support of the Community School Coordinator.

Funding Sources: 

The Town of Wolfville and Wolfville school

Strategies For Sustainability: 

There is lots of support from the town and because the program is on the budget there is never the concern of renewed funding. Because of this both the coordinator and the kids are able to program for the long term, rather than just program to program.

Impact Of Program: 

Because of this position the town of Wolfville is now in direct contact with almost 99% of its youth between the ages of 5 and 15, therefore they are better able to provide programs that suit the needs of the local children and youth.

Evaluation Tools: 

Monthly meetings with persons involved (principal, recreations director, community school coordinator, etc.)

Key Elements Towards Success: 

This program is highly supported by both the school and the municipality and we know we will have continual support, which helps in the success of this program.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Not really any challenges thus far, we were met with support from the beginning.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This program has been running for 2 years and we are in the middle stages of its development – still figuring things out.

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