Cornwall Skatepark

Organization Sponsor: Cornwall, City


Program Description

Skateboarding by-laws were very restrictive in Cornwall, making it almost impossible to skateboard. The family of one youth who was ticketed for skateboarding took the issue to court and it was agreed by the judge that the needs of young people were not met. A meeting was held with Town representatives, Better Beginnings/Better Futures, police, Business Improvement Association, parents and youth to see how a skate park could be put in place. Previous skate boarding equipment put in place had been vandalized. Everyone agreed such a project could only be successful if youth were involved. The group met almost weekly for 6 months. Youth did most of the research on elements of a skate park, cost of building materiel etc. Funding was provided through fund raising, building material donations, Town of Cornwall, etc. Students from the high school "shop" classes built the park, continuing on a full time basis three weeks after school had ended. The parks was opened in the summer of 1999 and has had a very high usage (50 - 100 youth per night). It was very well received by the whole community. There has been no vandalism to date.

Program Approximate Cost: 


Funding Sources: 

Town and fundraising by the youth

Strategies For Sustainability: 

A working relationship between the youth and the town. The youth are involved in every aspect of this project and they have the support of the community.

Impact Of Program: 

50 - 100 youth per night

Evaluation Tools: 

Feedback from the community

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Involvement of many stakeholders including youth.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Supervision of the skate park is an essential component, particularly at the beginning to set the "tone"

Length and Stage of Project: 

It began in 1999

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