Discounted Lift Pass Program

Organization Sponsor: Ski and Snowboard Canada

Organization Partner: Martock


Program Description

The Canadian Ski Council (CSC) is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to introduce more people to the healthy lifestyle of skiing and snowboarding. We are proud to announce another season of our Lift Pass Program. The Lift Pass Program offers a limited opportunity for skiers and riders to purchase ski/snowboard lift tickets at a reduced price. Funds raised through the Lift Pass Program are used by the Canadian Ski Council for future skier/snowboarder development programs in Canada. We wish to thank all of the participating Canadian ski areas for their generous contributions made to our skier/snowboarder development programs.

The passes are all purchased in books of 20 lift tickets and are an exceptional value. These passes are priced significantly lower than the cost of a day pass at participating ski areas. The lift passes can be used weekdays, weekends and holidays across Canada. There are no restrictions or blackout dates. The book may be used individually and/or divided and used by family members, friends and/or colleagues. The book is ideal for gifts, bonuses and business incentives. Skiers/boarders can use all the passes at their favorite destinations but are encouraged to try several of the other participating resorts.
There are 6 different ticket groupings in which the passes are sold. Please check out each ticket listing to select the best package for you.
• There is a limit of (4) ticket books per business or household for all ticket packages.
• The Lift Pass Program still remains the best ski/snowboard deal in the country. Because these passes are sold at significantly lower rates than the participating ski hills they will sell-out very quickly. Hundreds of people have requested these passes and are currently on our preferred customer mailing list. Lift pass sales will be advertised in our newsletter and available to the general public as of mid-July.

Program Approximate Cost: 

$18.00 - $50.00 for a book of 20 tickets

Funding Sources: 

Canada Ski Council

Strategies For Sustainability: 

This program is a fundraiser and an annual event.Millions of Canadians everywhere know that the best way to spend the winter is on the slopes. Skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing aren’t just fun and exhilarating sports but a great way to keep the whole family active and healthy. And if you ever wanted to give it a shot the Canadian Ski Council has you covered

Impact Of Program: 

There is a big rush to get this tickets from local stores starting in July. This is so popular it isn't advertised that much.

Evaluation Tools: 

Canadian National Demographic Research Report ,Regional Models for Growth,Facts and Stats ,Canadian Ski Council's Minority

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Discover Skiing and Discover Snowboarding packages are now on sale at over 100 ski areas across Canada, giving everyone and easy and affordable way to try something different.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

The tickets sell out fast.

Length and Stage of Project: 

Formed in 1977, the mandate of the Canadian Ski Council is to increase participation in recreational snowboarding, alpine and cross country skiing across Canada, by means of marketing and promotions, industry communications, research and government advocacy.

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