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Program Description

Be sure to discover the hidden horticultural treasures of Burnaby's Eco-sculptures. These modern form of topiary are works of art created from nature, carrying with it environmental messages. Renewable – and quite remarkable – horticultural treasures are springing up throughout Burnaby during the spring and summer months. Consider the two eight-foot-tall tancho cranes nesting proudly on Burnaby Mountain. Or the three bears playing creekside next to Burnaby Mountain Golf Course. A pair of carousel horses (the first of their leafy kind in our city) continue to prance at Burnaby Village Museum. And what about that school of fish released into the wild at Fraser Foreshore Park? Like we said, a remarkable menagerie indeed.

Eco-sculpture celebrates the wonders of nature while adding handcrafted beauty to the Burnaby landscape – giving residents and visitors more great reasons to visit the city’s parks and cultural facilities. Eco-sculpture is a modern form of horticulture also known as “topiary.” Rather than relying on stone and chisel, eco-sculptors create art from nature. Recognizing a unique opportunity, the City of Burnaby is taking the lead in bringing eco-sculpture to the West Coast through installations and workshops.

The living artworks are painstakingly grown inside a three-dimensional frame—after careful calculation of soil requirements—by the City of Burnaby Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services. The result is a lush, colourful horticultural creation that would be the envy of Edward Scissorshands. Community members help plant the greenery into metal frames, with the finished sculptures installed around town until late September or early October.

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Funding Sources: 

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support and commitment of:

  • Greater Vancouver Regional District’s Sustainable Enterprise Fund
  • VanCity Savings Credit Union
  • VanCity VISA
  • Canada Lands Company
  • Byrne Creek Streamkeepers
  • Stream of Dreams Murals Society
Strategies For Sustainability: 

All of the above are enduring testament to the City of Burnaby’s commitment to Eco-sculpture – a modern form of horticulture also known as "topiary". Rather than relying on stone and chisel, eco-sculptors create art from nature. The art form draws inspiration from traditional fine arts. From painting comes a diverse palette of colours. Sculpture provides the three-dimensional elements of texture and perspective. The result is a living canvas that is aesthetically delightful in terms of form and colour yet continues to change with each passing season

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Eco-sculpture, which appeals to all age groups but particularly to children, is not only fun and educational, it’s perfect for drawing attention to environmental issues. As well, these living, 3-D sculptures have enormous tourism potential for the city. All of which explains why the program has been greeted with keen interest by a broad range of partners

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Corporate and community support is critical to Burnaby’s Eco-sculpture program. Without it, innovative projects of this scale rarely make that leap of faith and imagination that turns drawing-board dreams into reality. 

Length and Stage of Project: 

We’ve pioneered Eco-sculpture in this corner of North America. And our lovingly tended, pruned and manicured creations have drawn delight and merriment from children, adults and seniors alike since the program began in 2005.

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