Environmental Volunteer Network (EVN) Interactive Website Job Board for Volunteers

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Program Description

A network of environmental organizations has created an interactive website job board for volunteers that will have other organizations green with envy.
The launch of the high-impact board by the Environmental Volunteer Network (EVN) immediately attracted new members and the EVN saw its roster jump from 22 organizations to 30, with another two dozen expected by the end of 2005.
Not only that, but the new concept is expected to draw at least 40 new environmental volunteers per month, up from about 20.
Under the EVN umbrella, the member organizations work together to identify and promote volunteer opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and to provide a central location for conservation-minded volunteers. The goal is to provide group and individual volunteers with hands-on work experience and education in the field of conservation and environment, while providing non-profit environmental and municipal agencies with ready, willing and able environmental volunteers.
The website at www.trca.on.ca/events/volunteer allows member organizations to post volunteer positions directly. This ease of access creates a volunteer job board that includes volunteer opportunities across the GTA with all kinds of organizations working on many varied projects to help the environment.
The EVN has more than 600 volunteers and they are informed of new postings via the EVN electronic newsletter. The new board allows members to quickly access qualified volunteers and allows volunteers to access opportunities that match their interest in conservation environment.
This relatively low-cost, one-stop shopping place for volunteers is a collaboration of the Conservation Foundation of Greater Toronto, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, the Volunteer Centre of Toronto, Accessible Community Counselling and Employment Services, The Sustainability Network and Evergreen.
To share methods, best practices, strategies, resources and techniques that have proven successful, EVN has developed a toolkit on Volunteer Management and is developing toolkits for Diversity and Network-Building. These will be distributed to other organizations, including the six other Conservation Authorities in Southern Ontario, major environmental consultants in the Toronto area and the human resources departments of the 19 municipalities with which the TRCA works.

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