EXCEL Before & After- School Child Care Program

Organization Sponsor: Halifax Regional School Board


Program Description

The EXCEL Child Care Program is a program of the Halifax Regional School Board that offers an option to parents when seeking before and after school care for elementary students.

The Program is designed to provide service for students from grade primary to six. Our goal at EXCEL is to create an organized, fun atmosphere for your child and provide you with the sense of security that your child is in good hands. The name EXCEL stands for Extended Care and Enhanced Learning, and we will strive to provide excellent programming for your child.

It is our goal to provide EXCEL children with the opportunity for fun, recreation, and social enrichment. Our program encourages children to pursue their own interests, develop friendships, try new things and respect themselves and others.

Our staff-student ratios for the before and after school programs are within 1:15. The safety and security of your child will always be a priority with EXCEL.

A nutritious snack is served during the after school program. Due to storage limitations in some schools, menus for snacks will vary and on certain occasions “treats” will be offered. If your child has a special diet, you are encouraged to send a snack for them suitable to their needs.

Program Approximate Cost: 

$84 5 days a week

Funding Sources: 

Halifax Regional School Board

Strategies For Sustainability: 

The program is supported and operated by the Halifax Regional School Board.

Impact Of Program: 

EXCEL operates in 58 different schools and has over 200 staff.

Evaluation Tools: 

Formal staff evaluations are conducted annually for all staff.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Activities generally include art, reading, creative play, games, science, occasional outings and special guests. The children spend time outdoors every day (weather permitting) and most schools provide an active play area. A nutritious snack is served during the after school program.

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