Family Halloween Fun Day & The Great Pumpkin Catapult Competition

Organization Sponsor: Two Rivers Wildlife Park

Organization Partner: Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources


Program Description

A day full of HALLOWEEN ACTIVITIES for all ages and THE GREAT PUMPKIN CATAPULT COMPETITION. Pumpkins get launched from trebuchets and explode when they hit the ground in a field of scarecrows. Teams are form involving older youth .Purchase a pumpkin to throw...hit a scarecrow and win a prize....all proceeds from pumpkin sales will go to Student Food Banks. Enjoy walking the hiking trails, wagon rides, animals, costume competition, and fire works.

The Two Rivers Wildlife Park is a 500-acre community-run park located where the Salmon River meets the Mira River.Since the Two Rivers Development Association has assumed management of the Park, the Park has undergone many changes.?The Park is now open year round. Enclosures for the animals are constantly being upgraded and improved.?A playground has been added.?A new fish hatchery and three u-fish ponds have been added. Existing trails have been improved and expanded allowing for hiking and cross-country skiing. Paddleboats are available for rental.?The Mira waterfront area has been up-graded for swimming. An educational /recreational/administrative building with full kitchen facility has been added. Horse drawn wagon/sleigh rides are a favorite Park activity. Concerts are held during the summer at the Park?s outdoor amphitheatre. In 2003, a barn/petting zoo was constructed which will allow Park visitors closer contact with some of the animals. In the summer of 2004, larger and more natural enclosures for the cougar, lynx, bobcat and pine marten are being constructed. In 2004, a beach volleyball court was added at the Mira Waterfront.?Two Rivers Development Association became a registered charitable organization in 2004. In 2007, major renovations were done on the 30 year old administration building, adding toilet facilities for the public.?A wolf enclosure was added in 2008.

Program Approximate Cost: 

$4.00 Youth (5 - 17) - $4.00 Child - 4 and under) FREE Family day rate (2 adults, 2 youth) - $20.00

Funding Sources: 

Subway and Two Rivers Wildlife Park

Strategies For Sustainability: 

he unique geography is such that the two rivers together form natural boundaries that surround most of the park. The land is fertile and the hills are gentle thus an abundance of natural wildlife and plant species adds to the natural beauty of the two rivers.

Impact Of Program: 

Many special events happen here and the community turn out to maximum capacity.

Evaluation Tools: 

Response from community.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

In 1995, the newly named Department of Natural Resources decided to cease its operation of the Park. Rather than see the Park close, the community formed a not-for-profit group to manage the facility.?The Two Rivers Development Association is the result of this change in operation.?Early in 1996, the Association secured a ten-year lease from the province with an option to renew for ten more years.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

The weather can play a role since these events are outside. There are building now so some activities can continue indoor.

Length and Stage of Project: 

The Park formed in 1981 with a non profit group taking over in 1995.

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