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Program Description

At Field Trip Factory, we are passionate about what experiental learning programs bring to education. They are a simple solution to a number of challenges: Knowledge Retention. Student Engagement. Understanding of How Things Work. Personal Connections. Thriving Communities.

As leaders in experience-based education, we work hard to bring important lessons to life for students of all ages.  Over the last 20 years, our programs have touched more than 10 million lives across the US and Canada.  By participating in hands-on activities within real-world environments, participants experience learning in a whole new way.  

Trained community volunteers with relevant professional experience are leading these highly engaging programs. All our programs are grade/age appropriate and align with national, state or provincial learning standards.  Because students are having fun, their retention of important classroom information is improved.  They are also learning about subjects that can impact their daily lives and how their community really works.

Our long term goal is to offer the widest variety of quality experience-based learning programs for children of all ages that are extremely easy to select, book & manage.  To achieve our vision, we team up with Sponsors who care deeply about their community and want to actively support educators. Thanks to their ongoing support, we are able to offer all our experiential programs for FREE.  

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Program Approximate Cost: 

Free for participants

Funding Sources: 

Local businesses where the field trips occur. Anyone can donate funds.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

We all have fond memories of a Field Trip we took when we were young.  It gave us a sense of connection to the real world, of how we might fit in.  Most likely it strengthened our commitment to learn more.  It might have given us a better appreciation for others in our community...

Forget about  searching the web for programs that aren't necessarily relevant to your group, may not be offered in your area, or are simply too expensive. We offer a wide variety of FREE programs across North America featuring lessons on nutrition, health & wellness, energy, environment, animal welfare and more. Our search engine allows you to see in seconds what programs are offered in your community.  

Field Trip Factory helps create amazing learning moments and provides the opportunity to build life-long relationships.  Our Sponsors are committed long-term to supporting the communities they serve.  They understand that community outreach efforts are an integral part of their brand strategy.  

Impact Of Program: 

Over 500,000 field trips and counting.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

A well-designed, outside the classroom, hands-on learning experience increases lesson retention and increases engagement.  free FIELD TRIPS IN YOUR COMMUNITY.When you book a Field Trip with us, there's no need to collect money from parents. We strive to make your internal approval process as easy as possible by providing you with various helpful tips, important documents and tools. They are easily printable, intended to be shared with your principal or your parents and are always just one click away. Once you have picked your educational trip, you can call us with any special request or needs for your group. We are available Monday through Friday between 8 am - 4 pm Eastern time and we are always happy to talk to you.  Finally, we provide you with various online activities for your students designed to enhance your Field Trip experience and to further support your classroom curriculum.   

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Are you looking for a Field Trip in your area?  Is there a new Field Trip that would you like to see?  Please contact us with your ideas and join our community. We'd love to hear from you.

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