Free Gym Memberships for Youth Summer Staff

Organization Sponsor: Captain William Spry Community Center

Organization Partner: HRM Recreation


Program Description

Free gym passes were offered to the summer staff at Captain Spry. Some of the staff were physically active but most had never been to a gym before or worked out on equipment. The staff supervisor suggested a physical activity challenge. Two teams were formed and a sheet to track physical activity minutes was designed. They also realized that many other activities counted so this was also included. In addition to their jobs which included playing with kids, going to the gym, other activities such as playing capture the flag at a local park,pool volleyball and ice skating were enjoyed as social events after work. Some individuals tracked 2000 physically activity minutes a week. Teams averages 8000 minutes a week with a total of 48,000 after 6 weeks. Great going guys. This was achieved after 7 hours of summer day camp working with kids. The youth all said receiving the gym pass was the motivation for this program and all wish to continue afterwards. One youth who only made it twice to the gym the year his parents gave him a gym pass said it was so much fun. Being on a team and working out with others made it much more interesting.
Additional Partners:Captain William Spry Community Center, HRM Recreation Summer Programs, Summer Staff

Funding Sources: 

HRM Recreation

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Positive Peer pressure from co- workers and support from Captain Spry staff.

Impact Of Program: 

All who participated learned how to train in a gym and built up a habit of physical activity.48,000 physical activity minutes were accumulated during a 6 week period and all youth remarked how well they felt. All are determined to continue and maintain a level of physical activity in their daily lives.

Evaluation Tools: 

Physical activity track sheets were created to track daily and weekly minutes.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Being offered the free gym pass was a great source of inspiration at the beginning but the choosing physical activity as a meaning of socializing made it fun.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

The greatest challenge was finding time and forming the habit after a long day working with children. Once the habit was formed it became easy.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This program lasted 6 weeks but free gym membership will continued to be offered to staff.

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