Get On Board ! NS Sea School Camp

Organization Sponsor: Nova Scotia Sea School

Organization Partner: United Way of Halifax Region


Program Description

At the Sea School we believe that the challenge of living and working together in unfamiliar situations is one of the best ways to build any group’s friendship, mutual respect, self-confidence and understanding of the larger world.

We offer turn-key opportunities for groups to give their participants the thrill and adventure of a coastal sailing expedition or the satisfaction and accomplishment of building a wooden boat together.

Camps, schools, universities and other groups can join the Nova Scotia Sea School in custom-designed boat building or sailing programs. Partner group staff work closely with Sea School staff to ensure that programs fit their needs. Generally partner staff accompany participants on the course.

Crews of 8 to 20 participants can take part in our programs, which vary in length from one day to several weeks. Sailing trips are offered June through September, and boat building is offered year round.

Partner groups can even combine the two in an intensive program of 3 weeks spent building a small sailboat that is theirs to keep in the end, followed by a sailing voyage in our 30’ expedition boats. Alternatively, each participant can build their own sea chest in 10 days to take home.

Program Approximate Cost: 

five days $600.00

Funding Sources: 

The Sea School is supported by visionary donors who understand that changing the lives of youth is the key to building a strong community.Funding support includes provincial, municipal, private foundations, corporations, and individuals.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Nova Scotia Sea School lets youth and adults alike get down to the nitty-gritty elements of being a sailor, promising an adventure rather than a lesson. The sea school offers expeditions lasting from five to 21 days, from July to September---and they don't call them expeditions for nothing. In groups of about 10, plus two instructors, you pile into a 30-foot wooden boat---built by young people at the NSSS Youth Camp---and begin to live like a real sailor

Impact Of Program: 

More than 2000 people have participated in Sea School programs, we have built 16 wooden boats ranging in size from 8’ to 30’, and we have spent over 9,000 hours on the water in the boats we’ve built. Our distinctive traditional rigs have become a recognized and admired fixture along the Nova Scotia coast.

Evaluation Tools: 

Evaluation after each camp.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Each excursion starts out from Lunenburg and makes its way around the LaHave Islands, Mahone Bay and Sambro Island. You'll anchor in harbours each night and sleep aboard the boat. Sailors will take turns doing night watches on deck under the stars, learn how to sail in all conditions by reading maps, compasses and forecasting the weather, and even cook meals on board.These excursions teach not only the basics of sailing, but the importance of teamwork. Nova Scotia Sea School offers separate expeditions for both youth and adults. Experience isn't necessary, just curiosity (some bursaries are also available). If you'd rather stay on dry land, check out NSCC programs teaching boat building and surfboard building at 2057 Gottingen, Halifax. (423-7284,

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Many people are afraid of the sea but Going on a Nova Scotia Sea School boat is probably safer than staying at home! The Sea School is uncompromising in our high safety standards. In more than 15 years of operating there has never been a single safety incident on a Sea School boat or on any of our programs.

Length and Stage of Project: 

The Nova Scotia Sea School was founded as a registered charity in 1994.

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