Ghostly SEA PEI Bicycle Tour

Organization Sponsor: Summerside Cycling Club

Organization Partner: Dairy Farmers of Canada


Program Description

For the first time in the history of Prince Edward Island, a five-day bicycle tour will be exploring ghosts, legends, and stories about hidden treasures across P.E.I.'s scenic roads.

This five-day Tour is occurring at various dates throughout the Spring and Summer.The Tour begins in O'Leary at Access PEI and travels to West Point on the North Cape Coastal Drive to North Cape, then continues on the east side of the Drive through Alberton and Cascumpec, before returning to O'Leary.

Other Sponsors:Canadian Ski Patrol System, MacQueen's Island Tours, Aliant, Outside Expedition,Canadian Cancer Society, UPSE, Mark's Work Wharehouse, Graphic Communications Group.
There are two ride options for participants: the full course (163 km) or the partial course (103 km). The full course will feature a Legend Leader who will share stories of each community along the way.

The ride is self-supported, using each community's stores and restaurants to sustain the riders for the day.

Some of the stories that will be featured on Day One of the Tour is Cap'n Kidd's hidden treasure at West Point where treasure hunters continue to visit, the tale of an assassination plot of an entire culture that started off the Mimmegash Wharf, the haunting of a ghost lady that walks the Port Hill community road, the world-class cyclist born in Alberton who captured the heart and spirit of a community, and the returning of the ghost that continues to walk the floor of a church in Tignish.

The event was developed by Ken Trenholm, President of the Summerside Cycling Club. Trenholm views this event as one way to keep the Island traditions alive.

The cost for participation is free for Summerside Cycling Club members, $50 for non-cycling association members, or $20 for people who have a provincial cycling association membership. This fee covers the cost for all five days.

The purpose of the SEA PEI Bicycle Tour is to provide an organized activity whereby cyclists can bicycle all of PEI scenic routes in 5 days under an experienced "Legend Leader" who will tell the stories of the Island so that Island tales will be preserved and shared. There will be two or three pace groups during the day and each pace group will consist of a Legend Leader. Instead of doing it 5 days in a row, each ride is scheduled on a Saturday and the last ride is a Saturday / Sunday camping combo. The three pace group speeds are: 20 - 24 kph, 25 - 29 kph, or 30 + kph. If two pace groups, 20-26 kph and 27 + kph are the speeds.
Please note that the pace will be recreational, keeping with the pace groupings with numerous stops. That no rider will be dropped in the pace group.

Program Approximate Cost: 


Funding Sources: 

free for members of the Summerside Cycling Club; $20 for Cycling PEI members (or other provincial members); $50 for non-provincial cycling association members

Strategies For Sustainability: 

These rides are self-supported. We will offer pace groups as well as maps with locations of the various businesses that offer food / drink, locations of storytelling, etc. You will be responsible for your transportation, changing flat tires, etc. However, we will connect people so people may wish to car pool to each start location.This fee entitles you to participate in all 5 glorious days of relaxation and exploration. This fee also provides a recreational cycling membership with Cycling PEI (a $30 value).

Impact Of Program: 

Our fourth season is shaping up to be one of the most active for the club. A new SEA PEI Bicycle Tour has been added for long distance and ultra cycling riders as well as a weekly recreational ride that is a great place to start for beginners to road cycling.

Evaluation Tools: 

Feddback from the riders.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

"Our island has an incredible past and history. Our stories are as unique as our people and our island."As it is just as important to complete our journey as it is to hear the stories of the mostly unknown legends of PEI, each story telling session will run between 5 to 10 minutes. This time provides an opportunity to grab some food and drink and relax while listening to a tale or two.

Trenholm sees that by combining Island history and bicycling scenic P.E.I. in one pedal stroke, he is able to bring people together to help build a stronger sense of the Island: the past and the future.

"It is easy to sit by and watch the changes — to be an observer. This Tour puts people on the same road that was travelled by our forefathers and foremothers, learning about our history while using a mode of transportation that was invented for just that: transportation."

Challenges To Meet Them: 

The weather is always a problem. Having indorr accomdation is important.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This project began in May 2008.

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