GIRLS Build-A-Bike

Organization Sponsor: Charlie’s FreeWheels


Program Description

Our programming is predominately filled with boys and the bike world is filled with male mechanics. We are lucky enough to have Ainsley Naylor from Bike Pirates come and teach this class to our group of girls. Naylor also teaches a Woman and Trans Class at Bike Pirates. We are happy to have her to represent the female mechanics. We will also be inviting strong female role models from the community to talk and inspire our students.

 Charlie’s FreeWheels offers a Build-A-Bike program that teaches bicycle mechanics to youth. It gives youth the opportunity to build their own bike by refurbishing a used one. At the end of the program, participants get a new bike, accessories and the necessary skills to safely ride and maintain their bikes.

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Program Approximate Cost: 

The program is free for participants.

Funding Sources: 

Our programming depends on used bicycles. We accept all bicycles, parts and accessories as long as they are relatively free of rust. A charitable receipt may be given for donations over $25.00.

Charlie’s FreeWheels works in partnership with the Regent Park Community Health Centre. Charitable donations to Charlie’s FreeWheels are processed by their administrative team. Please make all cheques payable to The Regent Park Community Health Centre and include a memo on your donation to deposit the donation to Charlie’s FreeWheels’ account.

Pathways to Education, Charlie’s Bike Joint, Pan/ParaAm Games, Downtown Yonge BIA, WoodGreen Community Services,Laidlaw Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Bulldog Trust,CIBC,

Strategies For Sustainability: 

We’re a non-profit organization on a mission to inspire a spirit of exploration in the youth we serve. We use bicycles to mobilize, empower and engage young people. 

Charlie’s FreeWheels shares its programming space with a for-profit shop called Charlie’s Bike Joint. Charlie’s Bike Joint is operated by Derek Chadbourne, a long time advocate in Toronto’s cycling community. The shop is a satellite of Derek’s shop, The Bike Joint.

 Charlie’s Bike Joint is a separate entity, however Charlie’s FreeWheels relies on support from the store. Charlie’s FreeWheels orders all its new parts at-cost through the store, and the Bike Joint pays half of the rent, the utilities and the cost of internet and phone.

Impact Of Program: 

So far, over 150 participants have gone through Charlie’s FreeWheels Build- A-Bike programming. All participants complete the program with a bike they have built themselves, a new lock, a helmet and the skills and tools they need to safely ride and maintain their bicycles for a lifetime to come. Youth are only able to keep their bicycles if they have attended a mandatory workshop on safe cycling

Key Elements Towards Success: 

To support the development of empowered young leaders, to build on the strengths of the community and to become a leading resource for youth to engage with cycling issues in Toronto.”

“We aim to inspire a spirit of exploration and to mobilize, empower and engage youth using bicycles as a driver for personal growth and positive social Change”

Length and Stage of Project: 

NEW for 2014, we’re offering a Build-A-Bike program for GIRLS!

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